ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 22nd April 2021

1. ACCESS Science Day

  • Agreed on ACCESS Science Day for June 10-11 (avoiding full days) with groups meeting, where COVID safe, in key centres (Monash not available, Aspendale and BoM possible, UNSW and ANU happy to host, Hobart could be CSIRO and/or UTas)
  • Sessions to include high-res modelling, CMIP6, ocean modelling etc.
  • Suggested invited/keynote presentations in addition to short talks. Talks could include international/national future directions of modelling, CMIP and update on ACCESS-NRI, NESP Climate Systems Hub
  • R Law, C Franklin, A Kiss, C Mackallah to start organising. First notice ready for distribution by 26 April.

2. National modelling strategy discussion

  • Noted strategy development better in a separate workshop (from Science day), preferably in person, with opportunities for input from a broad group.
  • 2nd half of the year depending on external needs/timelines
  • Start on proposal for how to do this (C Jakob, R Law/A Lenton, BoM rep)

3. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS


  • Convective-scale ensemble. Three domains running operationally, seven domains from July
  • BARRA2 prototype with update to physics and DA, 12 km. Will run operationally.
  • Close to resolving making BARRA data available for research use
  • UM GMED Process Evaluation Group (PEG) focussed on the Indo-Pacific. Workshop held 19th April with good participation (presentations and discussion)


  • Hiring next round of post-docs including some for modelling. Expect delays in getting people started (COVID etc)
  • CMIP6 analysis work ongoing
  • New COE bid being prepared including ACCESS. Ambition of climate modelling at ~1 km scale as a science tool for understanding mechanisms.


  • Nothing to report


  • NCRIS roadmapping pre-work taking time.
  • Close to new service - Open On Demand - Initial release includes Jupyter and Pangeo
  • Visualisation of CMIP models nearly ready. Public release - coordination of publicity needed.
  • Singapore climate centre - using NCI for some modelling work.


  • Nothing to report


  • Close to signing contract between CSIRO and DAWE. Partners to expect sub-contracts in next 1-2 weeks.
  • Science planning underway with input from representatives across partners and in-scope areas. T Ziehn involved representing ACCESS community.
  • Need education of scientists of expectations for 2021 - projects this year will be scoping, understanding needs. Also some continuity of fundamental research.

UM partnership activities

  • UM user workshop will be week of 14th June, registrations due.
  • GC (Global Climate) Partners Coordination Group. Currently T. Hirst, O. Alves (BoM) and H. Rashid, S. Marsland (CSIRO) on the group. Need a replacement for S. Marsland.


  • Work continues on the collaboration agreement, governance, partner input and appointing an interim director
  • A face-to-face planning meeting would be valuable once the interim director is in place.

4. Other business

  • AOC keen for a briefing on CaRSA and implications for modelling once any information about further funding

5. Next meeting 27 May 2021


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