Ancillary Files

Index page for various information on ancillary files

Ancillary files on raijin

Rose stem suites expect ancillary files to be in $UMDIR/ancil/atmos/ = /projects/access/umdir/ancil/atmos. Subdirectories for various resolutions are links to /g/data/access/TIDS/UM/ancil/atmos which is rsynced from Jasmin (see #172). Extra resolutions added as required.

Proposed ancillary file directory rationalization on raijin #234

Ancillary generation code

Code repository, trac, documentation etc

The ANTS system will eventually replace CAP (nowhere near complete yet)

Met Office Technical Infrastructure ancillary project

Building latest version of CAP on raijin (includes rose-stem tests that generate ancillaries for n768e, ukv and e4_11001000_euro

Suites for ancillary files

ACCESS grid namelists

Ticket for adding ACCESS ancillary namelists to repository

Older versions of CAP

Local repository

Running CAP 8.3 CAP_raijin

Building older CAP versions on raijin CentralAncillaryProgram

Various issues

Orography source data problems


Smoothing of ACCESS-R orography over PNG to avoid crashes

Mask issues

Missing Fiji and Australian orography #165,

APS city masks not matching AWS locations #258

Various python utilities

Main index page for utilities

Editing land sea masks AncillaryFileModification

ACCESS TC extracts appropriate sub-region from full region ancillary file with Problems with this if the sub-region doesn't contain any global model land points

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