Task list for upgrade of Accessdev on 6/5/2014

  1. Email notification of downtime Friday 2nd of May.
  2. System message on accessdev notifying users of shutdown.
  3. Prevent users from logging in
    echo "System upgrade" >/etc/nologin
  4. Stop services that may lead to data modification (any others?)
    service crond stop
    service httpd stop
    service rosa stop
    # Stop UMUI
    killall -u access
  5. Back up UMUI database, rosie database, trac (anything else?)
    tar cvzf /g/data1/ -C /home umui_DBSE
    svnadmin dump /home/access-svn/roses_au_svn /g/data1/
    tar cvzf /g/data1/ -C /home trac
  6. Change file permissions to use new system ldap accounts
    chown -R ju7_umui:ju7 /home/umui_DBSE
  7. Delete old UMUI cron entry
    crontab -e -u access
  8. Shutdown VM
    rm /etc/nologin
  9. Delete floating ip from accessdev (leaving old accessdev intact)
    nova remove-floating-ip
    nova rename
  10. Fast forward chris's changes into the master branch
    git checkout master
    git pull --ff-only origin cma900/dev
    pushd modules
    rm -fr augeas concat epel firewall inifile postgresql \
      stdlib vcsrepo
    git submodule sync
    git submodule update --init
    git push origin master
  11. Boot up the new instance of accessdev
    ./tools/nova-boot \
      --name \
      --ip \
      --install-updates \
      -- \
      --flavor m1.large.2.r16 \
      --security-groups ssh,http,umui,ping
  12. Fix broken Postfix service state caused by RPM update (on VM):
    kill $(pgrep -f /usr/libexec/postfix/master)
    service postfix start
    puppet apply /puppet/manifests/site.pp
  13. Testing of new accessdev system as per AccessDevQAChecklist
  14. Related tasks on other systems
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