This page will document the differences between the accessdev and accessdev-test VM's

accessdev-test is a VM based on the same puppet configuration as accessdev, designed to test updates to accessdev before shipping them to the operational platform. It uses the domain name, and has external ip address

accessdev-test can be set to production mode , or testing mode. production mode includes filesystem mounts, whereas VM's in testing mode do not have file systems such as /home and /g/data1 mounted.

In addition to this, other test VM's can be set up. These may be assigned floating ip addresses in the range

Production mode accessdev-test:

1) /home directory is mounted from a separate (persistent nfs) filesystem to accessdev: rather than

2) UMUI: The accessdev umui server is available by linking to the server hosted on, and a separate accessdev-test umui server is available hosted on the local machine (this database is currently empty).

3) ROSE: Rosie uses http://localhost:8080/ as the default location of its database, so at the moment it is not possible to access the operational rosie database hosted on accessdev.

Currently there is a network problem with using the hostname. See Once this issue is fixed. The webserver can be set to on both accessdev and accessdev-test rather than localhost.

4) Other modules: cron (sourced from ) Puppet should set up system cron jobs same as for accessdev, but user cron jobs will be different to accessdev.

Non production mode accessdev-test machines:

1) Home, cron and gdata are not mounted

2) module ssl not intalled (enables https and redirects http connections)

Other issues

If an accessdev test machine is not given a floating ip address, it is then not able to access access-svn and possibly other external services, or mount the home and gdata filesystems. i.e. for a VM to be in production mode it MUST be assigned a floating ip address.

gdata mounts are only available to and

Remote job submission

The remote job submission script won't set up a connection to accessdev-test by default. To set up remote job submission on accessdev-test (e.g. to test rose suites are working) you can run the following commands:

remote-job-submission setup noloop

   remote-job-submission setup noloop
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