User information regarding the migration of accessdev to the NCI Tenjin cloud infrastructure

Accessdev is currently running in an out of date cloud environment and needs to move to the better supported NCI Tenjin cloud infrastructure ( We plan to do this migration in December 2016.

The current accessdev will be shutdown at 17:00 Monday December 12 so that the home file system can be copied. The new accessdev should be available sometime Tuesday morning and you'll be notified by email when it's ready for use.

The core functionality provided by accessdev:

  • rose (and rosie, rose bush etc)
  • cylc
  • fcm
  • UMUI
  • /g/data file system mounts

will work identically on the new system. The default versions of rose and cylc will not change.

All home directories will be copied to the new environment but files in /scratch will not be copied. The initial $HOME quota will be the same as at present (12 GB).

For information on restarting rose/cylc suites see

NCI modules will not be supported on accessdev after the update, since you can now access modules and the /g/data filesystem on NCI's virtual desktops - However specialist local modules like moose-client-wrapper will be ported. If you have a continued requirement for a module currently available on accessdev please email access_help@… with details of the module loaded and what you use it for.

A few users have their directory $HOME/cylc-run on accessdev linked to /g/data, presumably to avoid disk quota problems. In the new configuration rose-bush will be unable to access /g/data because the apache process doesn't have the same user permissions as on accessdev. Suites will still run but the directory will have to be moved to a local filesystem for rose bush to work. Affected users will be contacted separately regarding this. For tips on minimising your suite's disk usage see MinimisingDiskUse.

[Update] The issue, unable to access /g/data because the apache process doesn't have the same user permissions as on accessdev, is a general one and may stop some of your work and dataflows, eg webserving of files from /g/data filesystems. If you have a use case for /g/data filesystems on Accessdev and are unsure how to reconfigure your work and dataflows then please contact access_help@… for advice.

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