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     1ACCESS Users (NCI) Bulletin !#1, May 2014
     3Welcome to the first ACCESS Users (NCI) Bulletin.
     5You are receiving this because you are a member of the ACCESS group on NCI computers.
     7Email    ''''    for support and to report issues in using ACCESS infrastructure at NCI.
     9The email list    ''''    is used to send system notices to members of this group.
     10Please do not reply to this list.
     12 - accessdev has reached production status.
     14   The system is being managed and supported as per other systems at NCI to ensure availability to the fullest extent.
     15   Details on using accessdev can be found at
     16    "''Accessdev is the NCI server that provides configuration and run control for the Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator (the ACCESS model)''"
     18 - For information on moving from accesscollab to accessdev please read
     20 - For CSIRO users on cherax the existing UMUI environment will continue to be supported, but new model configurations and the new rose/cylc environment will only be available on accessdev. The accesscollab transition document also applies if you're interested in moving jobs from cherax.
     22 - Rose version 2014-04 installed
     23               also see
     25 - Cylc version 5.4.13 installed
     26               also see
     28 - Iris is a new python based analysis and graphics package developed at the Met Office (see It can read UM format files directly (as well as netCDF and GRIB). See for more links. To try it on raijin,
     30module use ~access/modules
     31module load iris
     35 - GA6.0 is the Met Office's current atmospheric physics configuration. We have set up N96 L85 and N216 L85 AMIP configurations of this, based on UM vn8.5. See Note that this uses the ENDGAME dynamics and the grid is shifted relative to the standard New Dynamics. Old ancillary files won't work.