ACCESS Users (NCI) Bulletin #2, June 2014. Welcome to the second ACCESS Users (NCI) Bulletin.

  • accessdev is in production.

For details read

"Accessdev is the NCI server that provides configuration and run control for the Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator (the ACCESS model)"

  • Moving from accesscollab or from cherax to accessdev ?

Please read

The existing UMUI environments on accesscollab and on cherax are being phased out. They will continue to be supported, but new model configurations and the new rose/cylc environment will only be available on accessdev.

  • Convsh and xconv defaults under ~access are now ( June 12 ) at version 1.92 ( previous 1.91 is available as convsh1.91 and xconvR81.91 ). Note the new version uses about 25% more memory. v1.92 supports UM variable resolution files.
  • UM vn9.0 has been installed (see UMVersion_Status). This is an interim version on the way to 9.1 which will have full rose support and is not recommended for general use.
  • Last week we had issues with certificates for and for, particularly affecting FCM use. Apologies and we will endeavour to catch these things in advance in future.

You are receiving this because you are a member of the ACCESS group on NCI computers.

Email access_help@… for support and to report issues in using ACCESS infrastructure at NCI.

Previous bulletins are indexed at AccessUserBulletins.

The email list access_users@… is used to send system notices to members of this group. Please do not reply to this list.

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