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ACCESS User Training Course 21-24 March 2016

Running the ACCESS model for research and operations

This is the wiki page for the next ACCESS User Training Workshop. It is being built up in preparation for the workshop. It is expected that all the main workshop presentations and materials will be available here when the workshop is run. Until then, all the material and presentations are subject to change.

Course plan

The course is aimed at current, new and prospective ACCESS users, to equip people for working with the new Rose-Cylc based ACCESS weather and climate systems.

Presenters: Joao Teixeira, UK Met Office, External Collaboration Team; plus staff from the ACCESS partner organisations.
Venue: Bureau of Meteorology Conference Rooms, 700 Collins Street, Docklands.
Introductory Course (Mon-Tue): Rose, Cylc and GA6 UM global model suite.
Advanced Course (Wed-Thu): Building Rose applications from scratch; Coupled Climate and Regional NWP suites.

The course will involve both presentations and practical sessions; both on-site and video-conference facilities for remote participation will be available. It is planned to record the sessions and make them available online, if this can be accomplished.

The course is supported by the UM Consortium Strategic Infrastructure Fund, and the ACCESS partners (Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, ARC Centre for Climate Systems Science). There is no registration fee for the course.

Those participants planning to do the practical exercises on-site will need to bring their own laptops, and will need to be registered ACCESS users with NCI accounts on accessdev and raijin. Bureau guest wi-fi facilities will be provided for connecting with NCI facilities. Some Bureau laptops will be available for Bureau staff, as required.

Attendance will be limited to 120 participants on site for the presentations, with table space in the Conference Rooms for 65 for the practical sessions. Since Head Office Bureau staff have access to their office machines, preference will be given for 60 places for non-Bureau participants for the practical sessions.


Registration is required for attending the course, by email to v.jemmeson at The closing date for registrations is Wednesday 24 February.

In your email, can you please include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Institution
  3. Will you be attending in person, or remotely?
  4. For Bureau staff: Will you require a Bureau laptop for the practical sessions? (if there is enough table room to accommodate Bureau staff in the Conference Room)

Registrations will be confirmed in the first week of March, along with the full training programme, and any other course instructions.

Provisional program and links to materials

Organising Committee

Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Scott Wales, Joao Teixeira, Robin Bowen, Val Jemmeson, Yi Xiao, Wenming Lu, Oscar Alves, Ben Evans

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