Building and Managing ACCESS UM Executables

This page aims to provide a top-level list of use cases and links to documentation about building and managing ACCESS UM executables.

UM Versions

ACCESS NWP build jobs

Using Prebuilds

Interactive debugging

Older material from this point onwards

Building UM small executables

Rose build jobs

  • aa054 standard Rose build job for vn8.5 + GA6 branch (IanCampbell)
  • aa059 and aa063 Stand alone Build Suites (MichaelNaughton & IanCampbell)

Building with code modifications

  • where to make code modifications, and how to run fcm make2 interactively to re-build
  • committing changes to um svn branches
  • creating patches for passing changes back to Met Office

Pre-builds vs full builds

  • ScottWales UMUI pre-builds

Compiler settings and versions

  • debug / safe / reproducible / high
    • what do they mean?
    • what do we need?


  • rmifdf -- Until recently, UM versions used ifdef's for different physics options instead of run-time switching, leading to requirement for separate executables for each application. Physics ifdefs have been mostly (completely) removed from vn8.5 (8.6) onwards, and coupled-model ifdefs will be removed at vn9.0, so from this point on a single executable for each model version can be used for all ACCESS applications.
  • GA branches -- For GA versions up to GA5, building from special GA branches was required, as GA code was not fully included in UM trunk; from vn8.6 GA6 onwards full GA versions will be available in UM trunk versions.
  • A shared SVN repository will be used for UM versions from later in 2014, which will replace the access-svn UM repository for developments from that version onwards (but not respectively for earlier versions). A shared Rose experiment repository is also planned.
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