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  • TUE 13 OCT 2015 9E CONF
  • TUE 17 NOV 2015 9E CONF
  • TUE 15 DEC 2015 9E CONF

Meeting Agenda

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  • This project covers development and maintainence of ACCESS Technical Infrastructure. The current major focus is on the Rose-Cylc development.


  • CAWCR: Michael Naughton, Ian Campbell, Asri Sulaiman, Robin Bowen, Ilia Bermous, Yi Xiao, Wenming Lu, Zhihong Li, Tan Le, Tim Pugh, Chris Tingwell, Martin Dix
  • COECSS: Scott Wales
  • NMOC: Jim Fraser, Joan Fernon

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  • Open ended; commenced at start of 2014.
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