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ACCESS Simulation and Modelling Service

The Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and NCI are partners in the development of a new Virtual Laboratory with funding from NeCTAR. The Climate and Weather Science Laboratory ( provides an integrated national facility for model development, provision and assessment of climate and weather simulations, and establishes a readily available archive of climate and weather data.

The ACCESS simulation and modelling component of the lab builds on the collaboration between CAWCR and the ARCCSS at NCI to create an improved modelling environment. The vision is that

  • All users (ARCCSS and CAWCR) have the same modelling environment
    • Seamless across organisations
    • Documentation and support
    • Efficient workflows
    • Reproducibility and traceability
    • Testing and release management
  • Capability to do the same wide range of experiments
    • NWP, seasonal, climate, ESM
    • Global, regional, idealised
    • Availability of observations and initial conditions


  • Library of supported and documented standard experiments
    • Including climate, NWP, idealised
  • Improved user interface for the coupled model
    • Experiment configuration database for coupled model
  • BOM research and operational NWP configurations available
  • Adoption of new Met Office technical infrastructure
  • Integration with archiving and analysis services
  • Better access to BOM data (forecasts, analyses, initial conditions)

Goal is to improve ease of use, reproducibility, support and sharing of code, data and experiments

ACCESS Model Experiment Library


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