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[MichaelNaughton and MartinDix]

This is the web page for the ACCESS Model Experiment Library of standard supported ACCESS experiments for various model configurations. These can be used as is or used as a starting point for setting up more specialised cases. Experiments are set up to run on gadi at NCI, using rose/cylc from the ACCESS control server machine accessdev or the UMUI user interface on accesscollab or accessdev, depending on the experiment.

Information on the accessdev control server is available at the link: accessdev. General UM and ACCESS introductory information is also available from the ARCCSS CMS wiki Further information on Work Package 1 of the NECTAR CWSL, including links to NECTAR websites, is available at AccessNectarCwsl.

Please contact us (m.naughton@…, martin.dix@…,…) if you have feedback or suggestions regarding the ACCESS experiment library or this website, or the general access_help@… to report problems.

As at the end of May 2014, this library is being made available to the broad ACCESS research community for testing and use. The Usability Testing Pack instructions and feedback documentation will be emailed to all ACCESS users and other contacts in the Australian climate and weather community, and a copy attached here for reference.

Library of standard ACCESS experiments and test cases

Climate experiment configurations

Climate experiment catalogue

NWP configurations (forecast-only)

ACCESS-C : High-resolution limited area "city-scale" models

ACCESS-G : Global

NWP configurations (data assimilation & forecast)

SREP : Limited area models with assimilation of radar data

ACCESS-G : Global

Transpose-AMIP II configurations (Greg Roff)

Transpose-AMIP II experiments

Other related experiments

Special-purpose configurations

Limited Area Climate Model

Coupled Model

United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols Model (UKCA)


Gregorian Calendar


Potential new standard experiments

Please contact us if you're particularly interested in any of these, if you have an experiment that you think would be a good candidate for the standard library or if there's something else you'd particularly like to see.

  • AGREPS NWP ensemble
  • UKCA

Reproducibility and validation

Model Interoperability Project

  • GA7.1 N216 High Resolution Model Interoperability Project. Main intention is to ensure that we can reproduce the Met Office's model output as closely as possible as a basis for comparisons with CABLE. /g/data/access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/GA7.1_HRMIP belongs to this experiment.

Training materials

Out-of-date Experiments


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