ACCESS-C compilation

From: Wenming Lu
Sent: Monday, 29 July 2013 5:27 PM
Subject: RE: APS1 ACCESS-C compilation

This is a report on progress of ACCESS-C compilation work on variant platforms. Many thanks to Ilia and Asri for the help on this work.

1) solar: compilation OK with fcm1.5

  • compiler/intel-11.1.046
  • mpi/sun-8.2.1

Build job was from Xiao's xbdec. We needed to fix two dummy calls, coder and decode in the source code to make the compilation go ahead.

Outputs are on solar: /g/sc/data/lwenming/UM_OUTDIR/lwenming/laabc.

2) raijin: compilation OK with fcm2.3.1

  • intel-fc/
  • intel-cc/
  • openmpi/1.6.5
  • netcdf/ (due to some complaints I have to add this module as well)

You can find the output on raijin:/short/dp9/wml548/um/UM_OUTDIR/lwenming/laabc/.

The source was copied to raijin from solar from the extraction of xbdec. Both bld.cfg in umrecon and ummodel need to be modified for the compilation.

The umrecon and um binaries have been tested on 20130707 00Z for 6 City domains and all jobs went OK without problems.

The forecast output is on raijin: /short/dp9/wml548/aps1_access_c_D/2013070700/

3)ngamai: compilation OK with fcm1.5 (fcm2.3.1 failed due to some perl complaints)

  • intel-fc/
  • intel-cc/
  • openmpi/1.6.5
  • netcdf/4.3.0

Outputs are on solar: /g/sc/data/lwenming/UM_OUTDIR/lwenming/laabc.

The source was also copied to ngamai from solar from the extraction of xbdec. Again, both bld.cfg in umrecon and ummodel needed to be modified in adaption of ngamai environment. The umrecon and um binaries have not been tested yet.

Regards, Wenming

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