Access BoM vn8.4 PS33 for APS2 work notes

  • [Mon 16/6/2014] vn8.2 UMUI build job (raijin) qaadf --> baanf
    • ~access/umdir/prg_envs/prg_env_rj_82_165
    • linux-openmpi-ifort-bom
    • openMP
    • /projects/access/apps/gcom/4.2/mpich_ifort12.1.8.273_1.6.5.openmp

  • Job to run qaadf.exe : baang

  • baanh: same job as baang, but use same exe as xbjin ( /short/dp9/ycx548/data/um/bin/n512/umefa.exe). This is to try and build an vn8.2 executable that give same result as umefa.exe.
    • xbjin uses the following programming environment (/home/548/ycx548/.um_82_env )
      • module add intel-fc/
      • module add intel-cc/
      • module load openmpi/1.4.3

  • Decision to revisit vn8.4 for use in APS2 work ( as well as for Daily job using Daily Downloaded UKMO I.C )
  • Pick up from previous vn8.4 work (UMUI JOB baarv )
    • UM source from svn://solar4/access/svnrep/um/tags/um8.4/vn84_stmax_min_mdi
    • Jules source from file:///access/svnrep/jules_sync//trunk R236
    • %gcom_path = /projects/access/apps/gcom/GCOM4.4/raijin/bld_mpp_12.1.8.273_1.6.5
    • prg_env = ~access/umdir/prg_envs/prg_env_rj_84_165

  • PS33 is UKMO's first ROSE based Parallel Suite, no UMUI basis files related to it is available on collab wiki
    • Jin Lee in contact with Douglas Boyd to get basis files
  • [Wed 4/6/2014] Initial work and start this wiki page.


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