Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Working Group

Tuesday 10 Mar 2015, 6CONF1 Conference Room
Attendees: Scott, Mike, Chris, Jin, Wenming, Martin, Guo, Ilia, Peter, Xiao, Asri, Manosnhan

1. Rose and Cylc

Rose/Cylc upgrades

  • Cylc6/Rose2015-02 installed and tested on accessdevtest; to be done on accessdev (Martin).
  • Rose 2014-10 (2015-02?) installation on accesdev; we may fix this without Arn; Xiao has installed cylc6 on twister.
  • Permanent fix for rosebud default value for the content display (Scott, Asri)

BoM Rosebush web server

  • No update. To follow up with Arnold (Action: Xiao & Robin).

Suite design & Executables Working Groups

  • No updates;
  • To be discussed at Keir's visit;
  • rosestem9.2 too complicated; go straight to UM10.X when released

2. UM

UM shared repository

  • Connection problems took place on raijin and fixed now; did not happen in BoM.
  • Mirror of UM shared repository to be on ngamai (Asri).
  • Rosestem in the shared repository; first task um vn10 (Martin & Scott?)

UM Related Issues

  • prebuild works on accessdev and raijin.
  • Coupled model building: no updates;
  • Removing UM non-sensible warning messages (Mike & Ilia, 2016?)

3. NCI

Switch off accesscollab

  • Scott to contact Dale to backup and shutdown the machine.

/apps tools on accessdev

  • Align /apps to that on raijin.

IT security

  • No updates.

Tester account

  • Done; Martin and Xiao have been using the account.

Trac wiki to accessdev

  • Done.


  • /g/data/rr5 now available;

4. Training and Documentation

Next Rose/Cylc Training Workshop

  • No updates

Access Bulletin

  • Martin to broadcast new installation of cylc/rose;

5. Other Issues


  • N512, APS2 City etc into CWSLab.

Collaboration with Met Office

  • BoM/CSIRO to put up a list of proposed projects
  • Keir, Charline to visit BoM Mar 21-25 2015;
  • New policy: no updates on Friday to possibly cause breaks;
  • Open ~access/modules to other NCI community

Shared Dataset

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