Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Fri 17-Oct-2014 9E
Attendees: Michael Naughton, Wenming Lu, Yi Xiao, Hilary Oliver, Jin Lee, Paul Gregory, Fabrizio Baordo, Chris Tingwell, Ng Say Teong, Jim Fraser, Ivor Blockley (might have missed some)
Apologies: Martin Dix

Meeting was on the last day of Hilary Oliver's visit, so the meeting was mostly wind-up discussion to this visit.

Rose/Cylc status & updates

  • Martin has installed Cylc6 and new Rose version at NCI (before Hilary's visit).
  • BoM installation: Arn M has offered to manage BoM installation under /apps. Action: Confirm.
  • Hilary recommends people sign up to Cylc mailing list.

Items from Hilary Oliver's visit

  • BNOC plan to build up experience re Cylc (Jim Fraser).
  • Arn keen to explore Cylc & EcFlow.
  • Refer job scheduler issues to NWP Suites Working Group (Yi Xiao).
  • Jin Lee: Recommend using Rose layout and features for NWP suite design.
  • Fabrizio: Importance of moving to common working environment and practices for research and operations, including proper use of svn branching.
  • Fabrizio: What are the key differences between fcm and svn?
    • Hilary: fcm imposes standard naming, project structure; fcm is compatible with rosie; fcm commit includes trac commit messages.
  • Joan: svn can't handle large files.
    • Can use ~access plus config references in rose app config files.
    • Could use git for config management of large files.
  • Ivor: BoM svn training.
    • BNOC requesting svn training from ISS.
  • Asri: Not completely happy with Met Office working practices.
    • MO don't use tags. Hilary: Can use tags.
    • MO use specific naming convention for branches. Hilary: Used to be bothered by this too; now find conformance to common naming format is better than varying. Rosie searches also useful for organising.
  • Worth continuing to try to improve our working practices; compare with and learn from Met Office and others.

  • Standardisation and sharing of conversion tools was briefly discussed.
  • Packing efficiences of different data formats was raised: nc, grib, hdf.
  • Jin Lee: Using Iris with BoM grib files from Mars; questions arise re which table to use
    • Some people who might be worth checking with on this: Tan Le, Mark Hedley, Ivor B, Martin D, Gary D, Lawrie R.

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