Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Thu 04-Sep-2014 9E
Attendees: Mike, Robin, Martin, Asri, Peter Steinle, Faina, Jingjia, Scott, Ivor, Wenming
Video: Hilary Oliver
Apologies: Jim, Chris, Jon Smillie, Peter Uhe

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  • Ongoing[Rose/Cylc update]: To install Cylc6 before Hilary's vist-> NCI: Peter/Martin, BOM: Xiao
  • Working[Tools on accessdev]: Robin/Ben to discuss further about module on accessdev->no updates
    • Ben: tools on raijin can be made available on accessdev upon request
  • Working[accesscollab]: Scott/Ben to discuss accesscollab decommissioning
    • Include backing up all accesscollab UMUI jobs in accessdev UMUI
  • Working[IT security policy]: BoM/CSIRO/COE have variant IT security policy on making data/docs/content visible to external users.
  • Working[Rosebush web server]: Robin looking for moving from webnm-dev to a VM
  • Working[FCM/perl issue on ngamai]: perl module setup issue on ngamai-> Asri to fix it.
  • Working[NCI Tester Account]: Robin to chase up with NCI for a non-access.admin tester account-> account created but Robin to inform NCI complete the task
  • Working[Rosebud]: Jin Lee has requested Rosebud as part of Rose
    • Robin to check with Jin.
  • Done[Cylc Resubmit Problem]: Xiao reported the problem not being able to resubmit job through Cylc unless restarting the suite.
    • Arn/Milton did patching python/2.7.5 to fix the problem. Problem solved.

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  • Ongoing[Access Bulletin]: Robin aiming to prepare September one.
  • Working[Hilary Oliver's visit]:
    • BNOC: produce a list of deirable/essential SMS capabilities for discussion
    • People make a list of advanced Cylc topics for Hilary
    • Hilary to cover how ACCESS can collaborate on Cylc software package development
  • Working: Consider moving access_wiki from to accesssdev or another NCI cloud service.
    • Ben promised to follow up but nothing happened yet; Robin to check with Ben; or else just go ahead with move to accessdev.

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • Working[rose-stem]:
    • Met Office is in favour of Ilia's method of including GCOM build as part of UM build
    • Martin has tested rose-stem in um9.1.
  • Working[Pre-build libraries]: ~access/prebuilds/um/vn9.x as default place for um prebuilds -> No updates.
  • Working[Build Config]: Mike/Martin to simplify the build config files in UM source, fcm-make directories; discussion in progress with UM Systems Team -> No updates.
  • Working[N512 Suite]: Xiao to review Met Office PS33 suite.
  • Working[DrHook]: No updates.

4. Review tools

  • Working[low priority]: Testing positive and it is a handy software for users; will make it a general tool for users. How-to and example may be produced; Scott may discuss this tool with UK Metoffice.

5. Other issues

  • [Conversion tools]
  • [Mirror: shared repository]
  • [BOM new HPC]
  • [Statistics of Rose/Cylc usage]
  • [RDSI]
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