Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Thu 03-Jun-2014 10W
Attendees: Ian, Mike, Robin, Jim, Martin, Wenming, Ilia, Chris, Asri, Peter Steinle, Scott

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  • Ongoing: accessdev working smoothly after the updates (except for NCI outages); all bundles work fine; Scott is waiting for feedback of CABLE setup.
  • Ongoing: New Rose 2014-05 available now; this version has some bug fixes and database management updates. FCM 2014-04 is installed and will be made default on raijin.
    Note: Rose/Cylc/FCM update strategy: regular updates to stay up with Met Office versions.
  • Done 3/6/2014: accessdev has been officially released, is "in production"; login message of accessdev to be updated to reflect its status.
  • Working: BoM/CSIRO/COE have variant IT security policy on making data/docs/content visible to external users. Robin/Scott/Ian to discuss how to impose restriction on access to public_htm@accessdev; This issue is moved to accessdev group meeting;
  • Working: Rose and dependent modules to be installed on webnm-dev for Rosebush on twister; /g/ns/cw/webdev/data-1 accessible from both twister and webnm-dev, probably the place to store log files; will check with twister sysadmins on the permission to create folders there.;
    Action: Robin to work with admins for granting Wenming sudo appsadmin on webnm-dev.
  • Working: FCM problem: perl does not look for the access control list to work properly for non access.admin users; Scott will look for local fixes; Robin to chase up with NCI for a non-access.admin tester account.
  • Working: Jin Lee has requested Rosebud as part of Rose; Ian to check if Rosebud is working with all UM versions (8.3-8.6) and install as standard accessdev utility.
  • Working: Handover of Ian's duties to Robin, Asri, Martin, Peter Uhe and Wenming; Robin to look at the handover strategy and details;
  • Pending: Xiao reported the problem not being able to resubmit job through Cylc unless restarting the suite. Problem happens one/few time(s) a week but no other users have reported the issue. Robin will work with Ian on this issue if it recurs. Robin to chase up with Xiao.

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  • Done: Scott prepared advice for users' migration from accesscollab to accessdev;
  • Working: Testing the migration from accesscollab to accessdev; Martin will add a link to Scott's wiki for testing users.
  • Working: Clare has sent out call to all ACCESS users for testing ACCESS standard experiments; Mike, Scott, Sophie, Martin and others to follow up with user groups for particular experiments. Feedback to be reported. Jim/BNOC: Joan and Ivor to join the tests as well.
  • Working: NIWA Hilary Oliver's visit to BOM is still in process. The visit is likely to be in Sep/Oct 2014.
  • Working: Robin preparing June 2014 accessdev bulletin;
  • Working: Consider moving access_wiki from to accesssdev. Scott following this up with NCI, has written script for NCI to do for this move.

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • Done: Martin has produced a suite for running UM under totalview; documented in TotalviewCylc; this should satisfy request from Susan Rennie totalview debugging for OPS.
  • Working: Asri/Ilia working on rose-stem. Ilia working on including GCOM build as part of UM build, to tighten control over GCOM versions in UM; has some problems: FCM does not look for the specified GCOM lib.
  • Working: Pre-build libraries; ~access/prebuilds/um/vnx.x will be default place for um prebuilds, as per Asri's recommendation.
  • Working: Mike/Ian simplify the build config files in UM source, fcm-make directories; discussion in progress with UM Systems Team.
  • Working: Ian to complete N512 forecast suite. Some references to scripts in Xiao's directories to be moved to within suite. Peter S mentioned that radiation/aerosol fix from APS1 needs to be included in APS2.
  • Working: Asri/Martin working on KGO rose-ana steps in rose-stem; KGO for each test is needed.

4. Review tools

  • Working[low priority]: Testing positive and it is a handy software for users; will make it a general tool for users. How-to and example may be produced; Scott may discuss this tool with UK Metoffice.

5. Other issues

  • Preparation for attending UM Workshop/Tutorial
  • BOM's new HPC
  • Scott has created prototype capturing statistics of UMUI jobs submitted from accesscollab & accessdev:
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