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Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Thu 08-May-2014 10W
Attendees: Ian, Mike, Robin, Jim, Martin, Wenming, Xiao, Ilia, Chris
Audio: Scott, Peter Uhe

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  • Ongoing: accessdev upgraded on 06 May 2014; accessdev puppet framework updated with NCI bundle for
    better administration, maintenance and management
  • Done: Rose upgraded to 2014-04 and Cylc updated to 5.4.13 on BoM and NCI machines
  • Done: Ian has completed "rose task-hook2" to retrieve log file;; documentation added to RoseCylcFAQ?; needs to also be added to Rose/Running Rose on Accessdev
  • Done: Ian has increased the default number of jobs per page for Rosebush from 15 to 80 by request from Jin Lee
  • Done: Rose/Cylc FAQ (Q&A) wiki available;
  • Done: Scott has tidied up the accessdev trac;
  • Done: make the sub-folders in public_html@accessdev visible;
  • Working: accessdev is production ready. Scott and Robin to make final decision whether to release accessdev officially next week (as per NeCTAR project milestone date)
  • Working: BoM/CSIRO/COE have variant IT security policy on making data/docs/content visible to external users. Robin/Scott/Ian to discuss how to impose restriction on access to public_htm@accessdev; This issue is moved to accessdev group meeting
  • Done: Cylc GUI not working properly on twister due to the missing of some graphic libs. Robin/Ian will look into fixing the issue. (Fixed on 21/05/2014 Installed older and recommended version of graphviz 2.28.0)
  • Working: Rose and dependent modules to be installed on webnm-dev for Rosebush on twister; /g/ns/cw/webdev/data-1 accessible from both twister and webnm-dev, probably the place to store log files; will check with twister sysadmins on the permission to create folders there.
  • Pending: Xiao reported the problem not being able to resubmit job through Cylc unless restarting the suite. Problem happens one/few time(s) a week but no other users have reported the issue. Robin will work with Ian on this issue if it recurs.

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  • Done: Rose/Cylc training in 2014-Mar get positive feedback with mixed responses on the training being too detailed and being not detailed enough.
  • Working: to get Hilary Oliver (NIWA) to visit BOM. Mike and Jim will work together organising the visit for benefit of CAWCR and BNOC (particularly for BNOC scheduler evaluation project).
  • Working: Robin accessdev bulletin will be ready next week
  • Working: Scott to prepare advice for users' migration from accesscollab to accessdev
  • Working: Consider moving access_wiki from to accesssdev (more update to date than trac version); look how to automate migration.

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • Working: Martin/Ian to create sample suite for totalview and produce instructions
  • Working: Asri/Ilia working on rose-stem (? Ilia's report)
  • Working: Pre-build libraries
  • Working: Simplify the build config files in UM source, fcm-make directories
  • Working: Ian to complete N512 forecast suite. Xiao's scripts to be moved from home directory to within suite.
  • Working: Asri/Martin working on kgo rose-ana steps in rose-stem.

4. Review tools

  • Working[low priority]: Testing positive and it is a handy software for users; will make it a general tool for users. How-to and example may be produced; Scott may discuss this tool with UK Metoffice.

5. Other issues

  • Preparation for attending UM Workshop/Tutorial
  • Mike: report (monthly/bi-monthly) on technical infrastructure collaboration
  • NeCTAR integration: web page, web portal
  • Ilia's UM optimisation report tabled
  • UM benchmarks being worked on