Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Mike Naughton, Wenming Lu

Wed 15-Apr-2014 11W
Attendees: Ian, Mike, Robin, Jim, Martin(Phone: 03-92394533), Wenming, Asri, Ilia
Apologies: Scott, Xiao, Chris

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  • Ian: Testing Rose wrapper to fix problem with retrieving log files to accessdev
  • Ian: Rose/Cylc upgrade; Hilary has released Cylc 5.4.12 to display tasks in suite definition order by default
  • Ian/Robin: accesssdev puppet system not fully tested; holding up some accessdev updates
    • upgrading accessdev to new nci bundle and new Rose-Cylc versions to occur in early May in preparation for official accessdev release
  • Robin has raised ticket with twister sysadmins: Xiao reported a problem of not being able to resubmit job on twister; the suite has to be stopped and restarted and then resubmit jobs. Actions: Further follow-up with Xiao. Add to accessdev wiki
  • Ian/Scott to change web access permissions to allow viewing of lists of files in public_html sub-directories
  • Ian/Wenming: Rosebush using webnm as a webserver. Action: Needs rose-bush installed on webnm (Ian). Robin to grant access to Ian/Wenming to webnm.
  • Ian: Wrong log file path when viewing other users' suites. Action: Follow up with Cylc development group.
  • Ian/Wenming: Rose/Cylc FAQ wiki page; report Rose/Cylc problems
  • Documentation:
    • rose monitor for viewing other users running suites
    • rosie expt DB

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  • Mike: 2014 MAR 26 training very successful
  • Future Training/Supplementary training: wait for Clare's survey
  • NecTAR: users to test the wiki docs, Vivian, Phil Reid, Belinda Roux, Greg Roff etc on weather experiments;
    climate side, Martin
    BNOC side ?
  • Robin: ACCESS users bulletin early May,
  • BNOC: Cylc scheduler evaulation
  • Mike: Consider moving access_wiki from to accessdev
    • Newer version of trac software (1.0.1 cf 0.10.5), allows side-by-side editing
    • Step towards switch-off of VM
    • Brings it under access management
    • Action: Add to accessdev wiki

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • Martin/Ian: testing totalview; initial simple program test working sucessfully on raijin
  • Asri: Simple building jobs work done on vn8.6 / vn 9.0 recon and um
  • Ilia: UM vn9.0 work in progress
  • Ian/Martin: set up job(s) to do std pre-build libraries
    • discussed which standard pre-builds are needed; start with just high (i.e. O3) with OMP
  • Mike/Ian: Look to simplfy build config files in um source fcm-make directories
  • Ian: N512 forecast-only suite
  • Rose-stem: rose-ana kgo step not yet tested in nci environment

4. Review tools

  • Martin/Scott/Ian/Chris? to report the installed application review tool

5. Other issues

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