Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Mike Naughton, Wenming Lu

Wed 12-Mar-2014 11W
Attendees: Ian, Scott, Mike, Jim, Peter Steinle, Chris, Martin, Wenming, Xiao
Apologies: Peter Uhe, Robin, Asri, Ilia

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  • Ian has done Rose wrapper to remove user login environment dependency
  • Rose upgraded to 2014-02-14 version, Cylc upgraded to 5.4.10 version
  • Xiao reported a problem of not being able to resubmit job on twister; the suite has to be stopped and restarted and then resubmit jobs; Ian to investigate the issue
  • /g/data now mount on accessdev for nominated ACCESS projects
  • Ian to document rose-bush suite output web browsing function
  • Ian/Scott to change web access permissions to allow viewing of lists of files in directories
  • Wenming to check availability of web server on/for twister

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  • Mike has set up a training cover page on access_wiki for 26 Mar 2014 ACCESS User Training
    • Training materials in preparation; see wiki for more details
  • Cylc demo being arranged for BNOC
    • Several Rose-Cylc aspects have being examined further after last meeting:
      • multi-suite gui
      • definition ordering in Cylc tree views
      • number limits for job submission
      • allowing other users to view suites (noting they can also execute suites too)

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • ACCESS NWP suites meeting was held; Peter S has created wiki pages. At this stage, this was a one-off meeting, further work on this topic will be covered in this WG and the ACCESS NWP WG.

4. Review tools

  • Review tool installed; Scott/Martin/Ian to test and review the tool

5. Other issues

  • NecTAR reporting
  • accessdev trac tickets have been fully reviewed
  • access-svn svn svn repositories have been created for ops/var/nwp/poama (Robin)
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