Meeting Notes: ACCESS Technical Infrastructure Rose-Cylc Working Group

Mike Naughton, Wenming Lu

Tue 18-Feb-2014 meeting
Attendees: Ian, Scott, Mike, Jim, Peter Steinle, Chris, Jin, Jhan, Zhihong, Asri, Ilia, Robin, Joan, Martin, Wenming; Xiao (Phone)

1. Rose-Cylc installation

  1. twister-ngamai
  • Ian has installed Rose-Cylc on twister-ngamai and written wiki documentation; Xiao has tested and is using the installation
  • Rose-Cylc is working with minor issues; such as broken connection between twister and ngamai; Ian is investigating issue with daily reset occurring on twister
  1. accessdev-raijin
  • Accessdev has not been released officially yet; however, Xiao, Ian, Wenming and many other researchers have been using Rose-Cylc to do experiments and research
  • Rose, Cylc, rosie, rose-bush, rosebud, rose-stem all working
  • UM vn8.6 installed
    • rose-stem: Martin has rose-stem nci_test examples working
    • umui: Say/Asri et al to install umui
    • rosebud: vn 8.5 should probably also work for vn 8.6
  • UM vn9.0 -- plan to collaborate with Met Office on pre-release version, in relation to new rose-stem install procedures
  • Xiao had problems in January with Cylc submitting 1000's of jobs to raijin; fixed by update to Cylc supplied by Hilary Oliver
  • Rose-bush browser checking suite log files is working on accessdev
  • Ian is looking at following issues:
    • Issue with large job output files not automatically coming back to accessdev; need to document and inform users of required workarounds if required (Ref. AD#19)
    • Enabling Rose-Cylc with csh login shell (AD#77)
    • Enabling Rose-Cylc without needing to put module load's into login scripts (AD#34)
      • OK for Rose, doesn't seem to be way to do this for Cylc; Ian to report to Cylc developers
  • Discussion to have a central place for sharing Rose metadata files for standard UM versions
  • Accessdev housekeeping issues:
    • Robin has distrubuted notes from 4-Feb meeting
    • accessdev to move to cinder should resolve a number issues (AD#60)
    • /g/data project areas to be mounted on accessdev (AD#72)
    • mail now working from accessdev to Bureau
  • Accessdev trac wiki to be used for Rose-Cylc issue tracking; cross-reference items here as AD#nnn, or via links

2. Rose-Cylc training and documentation

  1. Training
  • 24 Jan 2014: Wenming and Mike have done ACCESS-C standard experiment training/demo at BoM, people from BoM, CSIRO and universities attended the training
  • 12-14 Feb 2014: Wenming attended AMOS2014 at Hobart to bring the ACCESS standard experiments & CWSL virtual lab to wider community
  • 26 Mar 2014: One day training at BoM to include the following subjects
    • Martin: Introduction of Rose-Cylc and accessdev-raijin; simple Rose-Cylc demo
    • Wenming: ACCESS-C Rose-Cylc standard experiment training
    • Ian: ACCESS Rose-Cylc Climate experiment training
    • Scott: COE standard ACCESS UMUI experiments
    • Ian: Rose suites for building UM executables
    • Plan:
      • 5 Mar draft versions of training sessions; 12 Mar WG meeting review
      • Formats to include both power point slides for presentation and wiki for detailed instructions
  1. Documentation
  • Access wiki to continue to be kept up to date covering basics about Rose-Cylc, user setup and environment, etc
  • Ian, Martin: Work on NeCTAR project deliverables
  • Access Model Experiments Library wiki (AMEL)
    • Wenming: Adding ACCESS-X version for ACCESS-C experiments
    • Ian: Add Rose-Cylc ACCESS Climate suite
    • Add link to Scott's documentation of Stuart Webster vn8.5 ENDGAME jobs in CMS wiki
    • Ditto to other documentation of Stuart W's configurations
    • Add links to Xiao's ACCESS-NWP Assimilation-Forecast suites (SREP, Global N512)
    • Ian/Xiao: Add N512 APS2 ACCESS-G forecast-only suite

3. Rose-Cylc suite design

  • Aim to make Rose-Cylc suites consistent on twister/ngamai and accessdev/raijin
  • APS2 ACCESS-G to be the suite design lab; ref Peter's ACCESS-NWP suites WG. Use this as basis to make for all ACCESS systems to have consistent design, structure and style, such as regarding conf, data, apps etc.

4. Review tools

  • Scott/Ian have installed reviewboard reviewing tool on accessdev; see AD#66
  • Martin/Ian to evaluate
  • Consider reviewboard demo for later meeting

5. Other issues

  • Mike: Paper distributed about ACCESS-NWP infrastructure for research and operations
    • Proposed visit by Hilary Oliver
  • Met Office Collaboration
    • New UM license ready to be signed soon
    • Several V-C's have been held in Jan-Feb on TI Collaboration Plans for 2014-15; info is in TI section of collab_wiki
    • TI Project TAG Meeting next week (Mike, Martin, Scott)
  • Cylc development issues for operational suites cf. SMS capabilities
    • Multi-suite Cylc gui -- Mike circulated info, Xiao has tried this, might be good to have demo some time
    • Task ordering in Cylc viewer (Action: Add item to AD# for this)
    • Limits capability for ensembles etc -- after meeting, found this in Cylc sec. 12.11.2
  • Discussion on moving accesscollab/access-svn/trac machines to accessdev functionalty: to be considered later in the year, after all current accessdev management steps get completed
  • RDSI project: Tan Le now copying operational ACCESS-G/R/C to NCI rr4 area in near-real-time; other dates can be added as required. Need to manage/request space.
  • NCI training on parallel programming, performance and optimisation being planned for May 2014
  • Ilia has achieved major model speedup using Async I/O; still working on ironing out several issues
  • Mike, Martin, Scott, Wenming to attend UM Users Workshop in June. Wenming to also attend UM Users Tutorial; UMUT will still be primarily UMUI-based, Met Office not planning to switch UMUT to Rose until 2015

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