ACCESS Technical Coordination Group -- Notes from Meeting #3 (19/10/2012)

Michael Naughton

Present: Michael Naughton, Robin Bowen, Martin Dix, Michael Rezny; Ben Evans (@NCI)
Apologies: Margaret Kahn, Tim Pugh


  • Short meeting this time due to NeCTAR CWSL Workshop following; items discussed as below.
  1. access_wiki -- enabling login from home and on travel, etc.
  • access_wiki currently hosted on access-svn, behind firewall.
  • Several option and actions discussed.
  • Option to add individuals home IP addresses to firewall.
    • OK as long as IP addresses are stable, not variable, which may vary depending on ISP, etc.
    • Users can submit requests via access_help.
  • Option to add bom-vpn
    • Already done.
    • Only works if IP address used for browser is bom-vpn one when connected to bom-vpn; may depend on vpn software particulars.
    • This should suffice for accessing svn repository, noting that there's also mirror of this on solar .
  • Move access_wiki to
    • Doesn't have firewall, just uses trac username-password.
    • Applies to access documentation project, not other projects connected to svn source repositories.
    • Need to also move across existing access wiki pages.
    • Trac user authentication doesn't know about access group, so need to individually add users; may be worth trying to find if there's way around this.
    • Action: Asri/Kevin to follow up.
  • Option to remove firewall from access-svn
    • Firewall may not be actually needed; password control may be enough.
  1. access-admin group
  • access-admin group to be defined on vayu for write access to ~access etc shared areas.
  • Same group also to be used as default group for other access admin requirements.
  • Lists have been provided to access_help
  • Action: NCI to create group as requested, set ACCESS file system write access requirements accordingly.
  1. ACCESS file systems
  • ~access (/projects/access) 40 GB.
  • /data/projects/access 40 GB.
  • Both are in /home and backed up.
  • Both are close to full, so access-admin people are having to put ~access required files in their own or group areas.
  • Backup overhead of these F/S should be fairly small since backup is incremental and files don't change very frequently.
  • Clean-up needed of large expt outputs stored in these areas. Action: Martin to check re Kai's climate-run files.
  • Practices for creating and managing access shared files:
    • Access control lists to be used to control write (access-admin) and read (access) access.
    • All fies to be created under individual access-admin user id's (with a-c-l permission such that anyone in access-admin group can modify them).
    • README files to be maintained in directory where files are written, with appropriate info about who/when/what/why (Mike N proposal).
    • access userid not to be used any more for creating files.
    • Use of trac tickets also to be considered for recording all access shared file system changes (Mike R proposal).
  • Action: Robin to follow up with relevant people as required.
  • /g/data/access
    • Ref. David Singleton's email.
    • Options for using this globally-available file system instead of vayu access F/S also need to be considered.

Use of /short/project/user for users files instead of /short/project/xxx

  • Currently TMPDIR point to /short/project/tmp/user.
  • Preferable to change instead to /short/project/user/tmp (maybe in module access, since may not be suitabe for system-wide setting)
  • Preferable to have all files under user areas in most cases.

accessdev set-up training

  • Training in Canberra 22-23 Oct
    • Robin, Asri, Scott, Ian C, plus other CSIRO non-ACCESS NeCTAR CWSL staff.
    • Info on package requirements etc provided to NCI training staff.
  • Aim is to have accessdev initial version ready for users at completion of 2-day session.

Next meeting: Thursday 15 November (to be confirmed).

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