Configuration Management of NWP systems/suites that go into operation

This subject is not strictly part of the ngamai migration project, however experience have taught that having a properly documented system is critical.

Hence it is in fact a "must-have" component of the operational NWP system that is to be set up on ngamai.

This page can be used for discussions on the subject as well as index to related documentation such as build informations, repositories etc.

From Ngamai Migration meeting notes (17/7/13)

  • There was a discussion on rationalising the directory structure of operational systems and using SVN to keep track of changes as well as thorough documentation of all components.
  • This aim is generally agreeable to all present although there are differences in priorities, and on the best way to proceed.
  • It was noted that this subject extend beyond the scope of "porting" although there are arguments that its implementation (at least some of it, eg. using SVN) may aid in the porting work itself.
  • This subject is also potentially vast.
  • Failure to implement some kind of source control at the very beginning will result with hard to maintain system, detrimental in the long term.
  • Need to be able to trace (and rebuild) source of executables.
  • See UKMO ParallelSuites as example ( URL: )

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