APS1 ACCESS-C Experiments Using ROSE Technology

Wenming LU, Michael NAUGHTON

The standard ACCESS-C experiment has been provided using CYLC on NCI HPC; please refer the following link

for details and other background information about ACCESS-C(ity) system (omiited in this wiki).

We have updated the ACCESS-C standard experiment on NCI HPC (raijin) using UK Met Office new technolgy ROSE.

Please note that the version of the standard APS1 ACCESS-C experiment is 7.6 and is not really compatible with

the ROSE technology. Therefore, we only employ ROSE to run the ACCESS-C experiment in a relatvley more usre

friendly way; it is not able to configure the experiment settings using ROSE. Users still need to refer to UMUI

or tools alike to configure the UM components which are used the standard ACCESS-C experiment.

APS1 ACCESS-C Preparation

  1. Update .rashrc on raijin as follows,

setenv PROJECT dp9

setenv SHELL /bin/bash

Please change dp9 to your default project.

  1. Update .bashrc on raijin, add following lines into the script,

module use ~access/modules

module load rose

module load cylc

  1. Delete on raijin all other module load statments in .bashrc and other login scripts

such as login, .profile and .bash_profile, etc.

APS1 ACCESS-C Installation

On raijin, please run the installation script,


The script will install the following things on either raijin or accessdev,

  1. Install raijin:$HOME/aps1_access_c; inside this directory,
  • beans: Containing UM and reconfiguration executable, archiving scripts and some utility scripts

  • conf: Containing ancilary, STASHMASTER and other configuration files

  • cylc: Containing all the CYLC scripts in cylc/bin and two shared header files
  • cylc.ID: User may try varaint settings; the name of the environment settings file is env.$CYLC_ID
  • env.S: default environment settings; S is the default CYLC suite ID
  1. Install raijin:$HOME/roses/aps1_access_c/bin
  • Producing all the CYLC scripts (soft links to $HOME/aps1_access_c/cylc/bin)
  1. Install raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/aps1_access_c_src

  • Containing the um and reconfiguration source code of APS1 ACCESS-C
  1. Install accessdev:$HOME/roses/aps1_access_c

  • Containing all rose suite definition, info and conf files


Go to accessdev:$HOME/roses/aps1_access_c and type,

rose suite-run

a gcylc window will pop up and runs the ACCESS-C automatically for 2013070700Z (which is specified in suite.rc).

The output of the forecast data will be on raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USR/aps1_access_c_S. You may comapre the forecast

data with those located /g/data/access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/aps1_access_c/data/output_data/2013070700

The forecast data in netCDF format is located in raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USR/ncdata/aps1_access_c_S

Note _S is appended to aps1_access_c. S is the CLYC suite ID define in raijin:$HOME/aps1_access_c/cylc.ID.

When running, the suite reads into the env.$ID to set variables for variant tasks.

APS1 ACCESS-C Compilation of Source Code

  1. Update the environment,

module purge

module use ~access/modules

module load intel-cc/

module load intel-fc/

module load openmpi/1.6.5

module load netcdf/4.3.0

module load fcm/2.3.1

  1. Go to raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/aps1_access_c_src/ummodel and type

fcm build

to produce UM executable. Look for the executbale in raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/aps1_access_c_src/ummodel/bin,

the name of the executable is UM7.6_UK4_EXEC_01.exe.

  1. Go to raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/aps1_access_c_src/umrecon and type

fcm build

to produce UM Recinfiguration executable. Look for the executbale in raijin:/short/$PROJECT/$USER/aps1_access_c_src/umrecon/bin,

the name of the executable is qxreconf.

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