AGREPS-GE 1 Build Documentation


Build doc for ACCESS-GE 1 (AGREPS 1) excutables

  • [azs, 11/12/2013] ETKF and Trimobstore executables documented here: BuildETKF2462
  • agreps EGP_umiau task uses UM VN7.5 executable built on ngamai using UMUI job qaaba.
  • agreps EGP_umr task uses UM VN7.9 qxreconf executable build on ngamai using UMUI job qaacb.
    • UM executable from qaacb also used for agrepsGF and agrepsGP um tasks.
  • It seems 3 OPS builds are used by agreps
    • obstore producing task uses OPS from OPS26.1 and OPS27.2
      • export MASTEROPS=/g/sc/home/yix/share/nmoc/ashare/APS1/ops/vn26.1
      • export OPS_EP_PROG=/g/sc/home/yix/from_solar/keep/ops/ops27.2/build/bin/OpsProg_ExtractAndProcess.exe
    • ProduceModelObs task uses OPS27.2 from ~yix/from_solar/keep/ops/ops27.2
      • export MASTEROPS=~yix/from_solar/keep/ops/ops27.2

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