ACCESS-CM2 coupled climate model configurations

Note that the ACCESS-CM2 CMIP6 configuration is not yet finalised. This page describes some example suites that may be useful for testing. Unless otherwise noted all these test suites use JULES rather than CABLE and are all using UM vn10.6 and the GA7.1 atmospheric configuration. N96O1 resolution unless otherwise noted.

u-al623 Present day control with GA7.1 UM configuration and JULES land surface scheme. 200 years simulated

u-ao219 Development suite used for testing technical changes

u-aj458-gregorian GA7.1 AMIP configuration

u-aq959 PI control configuration (see #330 for notes on setup of ancillaries etc). Note that this is missing iceberg flux, so still has a large sea-level drift

u-as478 Abrupt 4xCO2. Starts from year 50 of u-ar676 PI control test (includes ice-berg flux). This run is not in equilbrium, but just do a short test run to check that the radiative forcing change is reasonable.

u-as479 1%/year CO2 increase. Otherwise as for u-as478. Note that for this test year 50 of a test PI control run was set to be 1850 as in the final CMIP6 configuration.


so the 1850 CO2 value is 1% greater than control. Added diagnostic print of CO2 concentration as a check.

How to run ACCESS-CM2 with Rose/Cylc

Earlier experiments

For notes in earlier experiments with UM8.5/GA6 with both JULES and CABLE and UM10.3 GA7 with JULES see ACCESS_coupled_earlytests


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    This indicates a problem on node 742, eg. due to a Lustre error. Try restarting the job.
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