Original build instructions for ACCESS-CM2 from Hailin


Prepare access-cm2 directory structure, and check out UM8.5 code:

Go to a directory you'd like to put ACCESS-CM2 (e.g. /short/proj/user/), and run command:

svn co .

Follow instructions in access-cm2/submodels/UM8.5/readme_UM8.5 to check out UM code. Follow access-cm2/submodels/UM8.5/readme_JULES to check out JULES code.

Now you can compile UM code with commands:

cd access-cm2/submodels/UM8.5/compile/

The built executable will be at access-cm2/bin/.

MOM5 code

Repository is

To compile, run commands:

cd exp/
./MOM_compile.csh --platform=access-cm2 --type=ACCESS-CM

The executable is exec/access-cm2/ACCESS-CM/fms_ACCESS-CM.x You can manually move it to access-cm2/bin/.

CICI5 code

Repository is

To compile CICE5 of 1 degree and with 16 CPUs, run commands:

cd compile
./comp_access-cm360-182 16

The built executable will be at access-cm2/bin/


The job for N96 UM with 1 degree MOM5 is access-cm2/exp/b96pi1/ Edit b96pi1.init to use your own executables by replacing the executables at the lines below:

  cp -fp /short/p66/hxy599/ACCESS2/bin/fms_ACCESS-CM.x-182-20150106 $ocn_exe #mom5 executable
  cp -f /short/p66/hxy599/ACCESS2/bin/cice5_MPI1-cm360-182.20150202_8x2p_1lyr    $ice_exe #cice5 executable
  cp -f /short/p66/hxy599/ACCESS2/bin/um8.5-182-20141212                      $atm_exe  #UM executable

Finally change to the job directory access-cm2/exp/b96pi1/, and run command 'qsub b96pi1' to submit the job.

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