ACCESS 1.4 AMIP configuration

Model description

Physics differences relative to ACCESS 1.3

  • Dust scheme (Peter Vohralik)

Note that in this configuration the stash codes for the new CABLE variables have been moved from a range starting at 320 to a range starting at 800, see accessdev:~access/umui_jobs/userstash/access1.4/cable_800_new.stash.


The UMUI build/run job for the 1.4 model is vaefa (owned by mrd599) on accessdev. This uses a prebuilt version of the CABLE library, libcable_r1449.a from, copied to ~access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/access1.4/CABLE2_prebuild/libcable.a.

This jobs creates/uses an executable ~access/AccessModelExperimentLibrary/access1.4/bin/access1.4.exe. If you're building your own executable you'll need to change this directory path.

All hand-edits, override files etc are in ~access on accessdev and are version controlled.

An AMIP experiment can also use the coupled model build procedure described in ACCESS1.4.


The AMIP run configuration is basically the same as for access1.0 and 1.3.

The job uses a script insert to run ~access/AMEL/access1.4/ which copies the standard CABLE namelist file cable.nml to the run directory.

The UMUI job is set to run on 3 month chunks. These take about 6o minutes walltime on 64 processors.

Atmospheric model parameters

Atmospheric model parameters are mainly the same as in the access1.3 AMIP configuration.

The following physics parameters are set via a hand-edit because they're not completely accessible via the UMUI

Ice albedo parameters (same as 1.3)

ALPHAB=0.68, ALPHAC=0.84, ALPHAM=0.72

Parameter for triple cloud overlap scheme


(was 0.70 in access1.3)

Other parameters are the same, except for a reordering of the parameters of the non-vegetated soil types to properly match the CABLE order (namelist run_blveg)

Ancillary files

Model uses the standard access1.3 ancillary files from ~access/data/ancil/access_v2, including cable_veg2_2000.anc and cable_vegfunc_N96.anc. Initial dump is /projects/access/data/ACCESS_initial/atm/hg3_cable_PD.astart.800 which has the vegetation fractions from cable_vegfracN96.2005.anc.

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