============= History create by Benjamin Ng Purpose: convert netCDF sst forcing file to UM pp format for UM 10x


Load the following modules:
module use ~access/modules
module load python/2.7.11
module load pythonlib/ants/0.8.0
module load pythonlib/mule/2017.06.1
module load nco

1) Add statsh code to netCDF file using ncatted

  • ncatted -a um_stash_source,ts,a,c,'m01s00i024'

2) Convert to 360_day calendar using CDO (if needed)

  • cdo settunits,day -settaxis,1950-01-16,00:00:00,1mon -setcalendar,360_day infile outfile

3) Create time bounds using ncap2

  • ncap2 -O -s 'defdim("bnds",2); time_bnds=make_bounds(time,$bnds,"time_bnds");'

4) Convert to anc using ants

  • infile -o outfile

Note: This example applies only to SST forcing data. The stash code used in the above command is only for SST

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