Restart ACCESS-CM1 from different year

After prepare the restart files:
Due to leap year the date needed to update in the restart files (even though the model did run without these changes! but crashed on 29th Feb.):

  • iced.xxxx needs the date updated, using a code Aidan provided Rishav with
  • needs the date updated, just using CDO or NCO
  • ocean_solo.res-xxxx needs the date updated, just manually

Job setup and method provided by Dr. Ariaan Purich <a.purich@…> refereed from Aidan Heerdegen.

Copy all relevant restart files into a new directory


  • Modify the atm restart file date using python:

python /home/599/mrd599/src/python/um/ infile
--> input new date for restart file, e.g. 2014 1 1

  • Change the atm restart filename date to your new date and experiment name to match the new directory


  • Change the cpl restart filename dates to your new date


  • Change the date in ice.restart_file-XXXX manually
  • Change the date in iced.XXXX using the following code:


Input time with the information needed, i.e. line 1 is the file I am changing, line 2 is the output filename, and line 3 is the header information copied from the restart file for the year (e.g. 2014)
./edit_time.dms < edit_time_input_20140101
Ctrl-C once done

  • Change the time units in using NCO:

ncks -A -v time

  • Change the ice restart filename dates to your new date


  • Change the date in ocean_solo.res-XXXX manually
  • Change the ocn restart filename dates to your new date
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