Recent JULES Runs

Ar676 – Uniform (“instantaneous” flux diagnosed from UM land ice increment)  land ice discharge around Antarctica and Greenland (discharge scheme 0, D(0)). 1-200 years
location of the data
NetCDF: /short/p66/ars599/archive/ar676/history/atm/netCDF
ocn: /short/p66/ars599/archive/ar676/history/ocn
ice: /short/p66/ars599/archive/ar676/history/ice

At658 – Land ice discharge following NEMO iceberg distribution (monthly pattern) but with ar676 yrs2-101 discharge rate (discharge scheme 2, D(2)). ongoing; (from year 0083 the ocean model MOM is reconfigured with reduced tropical background diffusivity)
location of the data
NetCDF: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at658/history/atm/netCDF
ocn: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at658/history/ocn
ice: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at658/history/ice

At659 – Same as at658 but with tropical ocean background diffusivity reduced and Richardson number halved.  onging
location of the data
NetCDF: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at659/history/atm/netCDF
ocn: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at659/history/ocn
ice: /short/p66/ars599/archive/at659/history/ice

Av630 – New run continuing ar676, namely, warm start, from year  201  with at658 setup (i.e., D(2)) and tropical ocean background diffusivity reduction. ongoing
location of the data
NetCDF: /short/p66/ars599/archive/av630/history/atm/netCDF
ocn: /short/p66/ars599/archive/av630/history/ocn
ice: /short/p66/ars599/archive/av630/history/ice

Av853 – Based on at658 setup, with sea ice code/namelist “updated” by Siobhan. 1-100 years 

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