ACCESS CM2 prototype suite

Initial development of ACCESS CM2 coupled model configuration used the Met Office GA6.0 atmosphere with UM vn8.5. An AMIP job with this configuration is vaamc.

The coupled model also uses MOM5, CICE5 and oasis-mct.

The atmospheric model land fraction file was set to match the MOM grid and so is different to the version derived from the ORCA grid used in the Met Office GC2 configuration. Ancillary files were recalculated on the new grid, ~access/data/ancil/access_cm2_N96 for the 1 degree ocean versions.

See Hailin Yan's evaluation workshop presentation,

The original ACCESS CM2 build instructions are in ACCESS_CM2_Prototype_Build. Running used a set of scripts similar to those in ACCESS 1.0 and 1.3.

Rose/Cylc suite at UM vn10.1

The GA6 physics configuration can also be run with newer versions of the UM code which allows creating a proper rose/cylc suite.

I created MOSRS branch and applied Hailin's changes from branches/dev/yan06j/UM8.5_GA6p0.

Starting from a Met Office coupled model suite at vn9.0, mi-ab758 (, Hailin's b96pi1 scripts and Ian's access 1.0 suite I set up a cylc suite for ACCESS CM2. This is u-aa159 in the MOSRS rosie repository,

Both UM and CICE builds use FCM.

MOM won't build with FCM for several reasons. First problem was use of #include <file.h> which FCM doesn't support (needs to be #include "file.h". Instead I used a simplified version of the MOM_compile.csh script from the code distribution. The raijin modules are set in this file (bin/MOM_compile.csh). The compiler options are set in app/make_mom2/file/mkmf.template.access-cm2.

All component builds use a prebuilt library for oasis and the UM uses a prebuilt GCOM library. Current testing with intel-fc/ and openmpi/1.8.5.


  • bin/access_coupled and suite.rc have partially duplicated calculations of number of nodes required
  • Add IO server (will require changes to node calculation in bin/access_coupled and suite.rc
  • Update CICE to 5.1.2
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