Development history

Initial development of ACCESS CM2 coupled model configuration used the Met Office GA6.0 atmosphere with UM vn8.5. This then moved to using GA7.1 with UM vn10.6, still using the Met Office land surface scheme JULES.

The CMIP6 version uses the CABLE land surface scheme.

CMIP6 version

Ozone adjustment


All suites are in the roses repository. Most simulations were run on raijin. Some extra ensemble members have been run on gadi and are shown in italics. The historical, 4xCO2 and 1pctO2 runs all started at the beginning of year 950 of the control. The extra historical ensemble runs started at year 1000 and 1050 respectively.


  • PIcontrol u-bi889
  • Abrupt4xCO2 u-bj595
  • 1pctCO2 u-bk243
  • Historical u-bj594 u-bl655 u-bm652
  • AMIP


  • SSP1-2.6 u-bl686 u-br563 u-bs267
  • SSP2.4.5 u-bk882 u-br080 u-bs266
  • SSP3-7.0 u-bm038 u-br612 u-bs215
  • SSP5-8.5 u-bk786 u-bq888 u-bs118




Data files

Land sea mask

CABLE specific

Aerosol emissions


Validation of gadi port

u-bm135 is 200 year PI control run on gadi, same 950 start as u-bi889 u-bn157 is AMIP run

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