Software Install Request Working Practices

This document is currently a draft and doesn't reflect current ACCESS practices

  1. Create a new Software Request ticket

The requester creates a New Ticket on accessdev, selecting the 'Software Request' component. This ticket is used to track install progress.

  1. Document the request

The requester creates a new wiki page to document the request, under the SoftwareRequests directory (e.g. SoftwareRequests/DrHook?). A template is available which gives an outline for the documentation, which includes an outline of what the software does, where it can be obtained from, and which server it needs to be installed on.

  1. Notify access_help

For the software to be installed the ACCESS admins need to be notified of the request. The requester can inform them by sending an email to the ACCESS helpdesk access_help@…

  1. Helpers approve request

The admin assigned to install the software will approve the request and take ownership of the ticket, making sure the documentation wiki page is provided

  1. Software installed

The admin installs the software, then fills in a new documentation page noting any special requirements for the install to use whenever the software is updated. Basic testing is done to make sure the install is usable, e.g. by running tests as the 'accesstester' user

  1. Ticket closed

Once the software is installed, documented and tested the requester is notified and the ticket is closed

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