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accessdev: The ACCESS model control server

accessdev is the NCI server that provides configuration and run control for the Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator (the ACCESS model)

It allows researchers to:

  • Develop new configurations of ACCESS for climate & weather modelling
  • Share model code & configuration
  • Submit and view running jobs on Raijin, NCI's HPC system

First Steps

To use Accessdev and the ACCESS model you first need to create an account at NCI and register for the ACCESS project.

Once you've registered you'll want to log on to accessdev and set up SSH agent access so that you don't have to enter your password each time you log on. There are two ways to run the model - the UMUI system and the new Rose interface?. The one to use depends on the model version you're using - running ACCESS 1.x uses the UMUI while Rose is used for new development.

You may also want to look at setting up VNC access if you're not on a high-bandwidth connection, this can greatly improve the performance of the user interfaces (the UMUI in particular suffers over a slow X11 connection).


ACCESS Model Documentation and Reference
Supported ACCESS Model Experiments
Updates for the ACCESS Community
User Guides

Getting Help

The ACCESS community has a support team made up of staff from the Bureau of Meterology, CSIRO, the Centre of Excellence for Climate Systems Science and NCI, who can be reached at the ACCESS helpdesk access_help@….

There are a number of wikis that you can get information from about the model, including:

There is also a Met Office collaboration mailing list for external users of the Unified Model, email UM_collaboration@… to sign up.


accessdev was developed as part of the NeCTAR CWSlab project by BoM, CSIRO, ARCCSS CMS and NCI


Developer Home

Information for sysadmins and developers are available on the Development homepage

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