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Access Development

This is the development system for the Australian Community Climate and Earth-System Simulator, currently in the process of being configured.

Once it has been released it will provide a shared development environment for all members of the Australian Climate community, as well as interfaces for running the ACCESS climate model.

For assistance using the ACCESS systems please email access_help@…. Editing the wiki requires an account from NCI.

Experiment Database

Progress towards public release:

User Guides

For guides on how to use the Accessdev system as a researcher please go to the ACCESS Wiki (Requires a NCI account)

Report an Issue

Development on Accessdev

Guides for using the developer tools on Accessdev for collaborative model development

Puppet Info

Information on the Puppet system, which is used to configure the Accessdev server

NCI Bundles

Documentation specific to the NCI cloud team's bundle system

Admin Guides

Guides for administration tasks

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