ACCESS UMTIP Sep-Nov 2016 Highlight Reports

Highlight reports for UM Partners activities were requested to be provided. Here are ACCESS responses for BoM, CSIRO, ARCCSS contributions, and additional ACCESS-related comments collated from the individual highlight report pages in

Please advise me if there's any items that were missed here.

TIAG: Advisory Group

  • Peter May represented ACCESS in UM Partner Board meetings and discussions.
  • Michael Naughton, Martin Dix and Scott Wales participated in TAG meetings and discussions.
  • Jon Petch visited ARCCSS, BoM and CSIRO in November for collaboration discussions.
  • Keir Bovis will visit BoM from 28 November to 9 December for the Reanalysis and DA Workshops and UMTIP discussions.

TISD: Suite Design

  • Met Office
    • TISD videoconference took place in October and was well attended.
    • Concerns from partners about improving Global research suite portability and improvements to the handling of STASH are being considered within the Met Office.
    • Availability of key Met Office resource to help coordinate these activities is being reviewed.
    • Met Office model owners continue to provide advice and support over a range of model suite configurations.

TICD: Collaboration facilities

  • BoM
    • Jin Lee, Martin Dix and Michael Naughton attended November TICD video-conference.
    • Intermittent connectivity problems from Australia and New Zealand were discussed.
    • Use of IP address range white-listing to be expanded at partner sites to allow Trac page viewing without requiring authenticated sign-in is under discussion for BoM.

TICT: UM versions and configuration testing

TIAN: Ancillary files software

    • Development towards reading NetCDF Ancillary Files in the UM. Prototype code tested on wider range of input files and further integrated into replanca-rcf_replanca.

TIAV: Data processing and visulalisation

TIHP: HPC benchmarking and optimisation

  • BoM
    • Ilia has continued to work on extending OMP coverage in UM
  • NCI
    • Ben Evans has completed ACCESS-Opt project Apr-Sep 2016 progress report (to be added)
    • Ben Evans and Rui Yang (?) attended ECMWF HPC Workshop

TIDA: Data assimilation

  • Met Office
    • TIDA videoconference took place in November.
      • Focus of discussion centred on paper outlining scope for the development of an observation capability covering:
        • ODB based monitoring - Have ability to utilise ODB data but need to undertake more work to exploit the capability further.
        • Improving the way we ingest BURF data
        • Improved ODB Infrastructure - ODB-1 to ODB-2 conversion
        • Improved OPS infrastructure
      • Paper to be presented at next TAG meeting
  • BoM

TILS: Land surface modelling

    • The interoperability between CABLE and JULES Land-Surface Schemes (LSSs) was introduced in the JULES(35) and the UM(264) ticketing, management systems . A staged approach has been adopted to implement the use of CABLE, via coupling to JULES, as an alternative Land-Surface Scheme. The above tickets have been updated to reflect this staged approach. JULES(393) and UM(2433) tickets have been submitted to specifically address the implementation of stage 1.
    • In addition to the more official, ticketed, development of the CABLE-JULES interoperability, we have also coupled CABLE to the UM via JULES for UM8.5 and UM10.1. We have a long coupled (atmosphere/ocean) run with UM8.5 now and are reasonably happy with the results.
    • Ian Harman (CSIRO) has been reviewing our coupling strategy from a science perspective and has suggested some improvements which have been tested in ACCESS1.4 (UM7.3) and will now be ported to versions running with ENDGAME dynamics (UM8.5).
    • CABLE has been coupled via JULES to the UM10.1 and standard AMIP runs of 10 years completed, although further assessment has not been done. We are currently porting CABLE via JULES to the UM10.5 for intended use in CMIP6 experiments.
    • Collaborative meetings were held via video conference in August and September to update on current status and discuss future direction of project. Agenda, participants, actionable items resulting from these meetings are described in the links.
    • Ian Harman (CSIRO) visiting the Met Office for 1 week during November 2016

TIVE: Verification

TISU: Small utilities for model diagnosis, monitoring, optimisation

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