ACCESS UMTIP Jun-Aug 2016 Highlight Reports

Highlight reports for UM Partners activities were requested to be provided. Here are ACCESS responses for BoM, CSIRO, ARCCSS contributions, collated from the individual highlight report pages in

Please advise me if there's any items that were missed here.

TIAG: Advisory Group

  • Peter May represented ACCESS in UM Partner Board meetings and discussions.
  • Michael Naughton, Martin Dix and Scott Wales participated in TAG meetings and discussions.

TISD: Suite Design

  • BoM
    • Update on reanalysis suite design
      • To date work has been on adapting UERRA suite for local use to perform regional/national 12km reanalysis and 1.5km downscaling over sub-domains
      • The regional suite has been adapted to run on NCI's ERA-Interim data archive and the Bureau's observation data. The suite is now capable of performing OBS2ODB, OPS, UM, and VAR components.
      • Currently finalizing aspects of SURF, STASH (involving internal and external consultations), and to include utilities for monitoring model runs
      • We have received assistance from UKMO, namely Richard Renshaw, Peter Jermey, Breogan Gomez
      • Waiting on provision of ECMWF observation data and control files from Richard Renshaw's team

TICD: Collaboration facilities

  • BoM
    • Completed BOM APS3 global Rose suite (equivalent to PS37 global suite) using control and data files available through Jasmin/TIDS. There are still control/data files used in the suite, which we don't have a direct access to (reported in TIDS meeting of 18th August). We are keen to see expanded use of Jasmin/TIDS for improving suite portability.

TICT: UM versions and configuration testing

TIAN: Ancillary files software

    • Development towards reading NetCDF Ancillary Files in the UM. Prototype code tested on wider range of input files and further integrated into replanca-rcf_replanca.

TIAV: Data processing and visulalisation

TIHP: HPC benchmarking and optimisation

TIDA: Data assimilation

  • BoM (Peter Steinle)
    • No progress due to porting and APS3 support activities.
    • Tan expects to commence full time work on exploring obstat integration next week.

TILS: Land surface modelling

TIVE: Verification

TISU: Small utilities for model diagnosis, monitoring, optimisation

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