Program - Thursday 10th June

Time Name Title
Session 1: CMIP6
10:35Simon Marsland Keynote: NESP Climate Systems Hub and ACCESS
10:50Harun Rashid Climate variability and change in ACCESS and other CMIP6 models
11:00Martin Dix SSP extension simulations with ACCESS CM2
11:10Siobhan O'Farrell Antarctic sea-ice in CMIP6
11:20Tilo Ziehn Land carbon-cycle feedbacks in ACCESS-ESM1.5
11:30Nicholas Yeung ACCESS-ESM1.5: Southern Hemispheric Monsoons at the Last Interglacial
11:40Ariaan Purich Historical and future projected warming of Antarctic Shelf Bottom Water in CMIP6 models
11:50Hongyan Zhu SST sensitivities in ACCESS climate model
Session 2: Sub-km Modelling, Seasonal Forecasting, and Ocean Modelling 1
13:05Christian Jakob Keynote: The Digital Earths initiative in WCRP
13:20Tim Raupach Evaluation of hail proxies in Aus400
13:30Jesse Greenslade Preliminary ACCESS-Fire case study outputs
13:40Vinod Kumar Urban modelling for the Paris 2024 Olympics Research Demonstration Project
13:50Debbie Hudson An upgraded seasonal prediction system: ACCESS-S2
14:00Oscar Alves BoM plans for seamless coupled modelling
14:10Andy Hogg COSIMA Mark 2: Towards an ACCESS-OM3
14:20Andrew Kiss Sea ice in ACCESS-OM2
14:30Afternoon break
Session 3: Ocean Modelling 2
15:00Adele Morrison Remote control of ocean temperature on the West Antarctic Peninsula by Weddell Sea dense water formation
15:10Matt England CMIP6-forced high resolution ocean/sea-ice projections using the ACCESS-OM-01 model
15:20Dipayan Choudhury Sensitivity of carbon cycle feedbacks to a warming Southern Ocean
15:30David Hutchinson Did ocean circulation changes build the Antarctic ice sheet?
15:40Kewei Lyu Separating Southern Ocean responses to the surface heat/freshwater/wind forcing
15:50Hakase Hayashida Ocean and sea-ice biogeochemistry of ACCESS-OM2
16:00Vassili Kitsios Ensemble Kalman Filter Parameter Estimation of Ocean Optical Properties for Reduced Biases in a Coupled General Circulation Model
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