wiki:Shared Repository

UM Shared Repository

The UM Shared Repository is a common Subversion repository for the UM source code that is accessible by all members of the UM partnership. Having a shared system makes it easier for researchers to share code changes between different institutions as well as letting us get updates from the Met Office more easily.

Accessing the repository

  • Read vs write restrictions
  • FCM alias

Setting up your account

  • Password restrictions
  • Access from Raijin

Editing code

  • Check out repository
    fcm checkout fcm:shared/UM/trunk UM
    cd UM
  • Create and switch to branch
    svn cp     ^/UM/trunk ^/UM/branches/dev/$USER/mybranch
    svn switch ^/UM/branches/dev/$USER/mybranch

Admin notes

  • Puppet repository & admin

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