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ACCESS Science Day 2

An ACCESS science day is being planned for 24th May, 2019 (9.30am-4.00pm), open to anyone who works with or is interested in the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS). The aim is to share current work with ACCESS and both science and technical presentations are welcome. To allow for maximum participation, presentations will be short (10 minutes, maximum 5 slides). The meeting will be held by video conference across four sites:

  • Melbourne: CSIRO Aspendale;
  • Hobart: CSIRO or IMAS Hobart (TBC)
  • Canberra: ANU
  • Sydney: UNSW

We strongly encourage you to attend in person at your nearest location (lunch provided). If this is not possible, video conference details can be provided on request.

If you are interested in attending, please mark the date in your diary and email Reception.Aspendale at by Tuesday May 14th with your name, institution and which venue you will be attending (so that we can organise catering).

If you would like to present, please email simon.marsland at by Tuesday May 14th with your name, institution and the title of your presentation.

A second notice will be distributed once the program has been prepared and to provide any venue specific information.

Location information

CSIRO Aspendale: 107-121 Station Street, Aspendale (Cnr Robertson Parade). Short walk from Aspendale station or parking available. Please sign in at reception. The meeting will be in the lecture theatre.

CSIRO Hobart: Castray Esplanade, Battery Point. Please sign in at reception. The meeting will be in the Auditorium.

ANU: Hales Room, Building Jaeger 7 at RSES. Mills Road. The room is on the first floor. For access to the building, please call Claire Carouge (mobile number will be emailed to Canberra participants). See map: . Parking at ANU is horrendous and best avoided unless arriving before 9am. For the CSIRO people, the best option might be to park at CSIRO Black Mountain and walk. Public transport: 2 bus lines come into ANU: No.3 and No.7. There are also lots of bus lines stopping at ANU outskirts, it’s about 15min walk to the building from these bus stops.

UNSW: Level 4, Mathews Building (F23 on map)in the Climate Change Research Centre board room. Access via gate 11, but parking has to be paid for (top level of multi-storey, H25 on map). Public transport: there are express buses from Central Station but the new light rail system is making this hard.


Program for download/printing

Time Name Title
Presentations from Aspendale
9:30Simon Marsland Welcome
9:30Gilbert BrunetBoM priorities/directions.
9:40Helen CleughWorld Climate Research Programme update
9:50Ben Evans Update on NCI peak system, ESGF and other data infrastructure.
10:10 Martin DixCurrent state of ACCESS-CM2 CMIP6 simulations.
10:20 Arnold SullivanACCESS-CM2 model results.
10:30 Harun RashidACCESS-CM2 climate variability and ENSO.
10:40 Roger Bodman ACCESS-CM2 AMIP simulations.
10:00 Simon Marsland CMIP6/IPCC-AR6 update
4:00 Discussion
4:00 Morning Tea
10:50 Andrew KissACCESS-OM2: A Global Ocean-Sea Ice Model at Three Resolutions.
10:50 Kial StewartSouthern Ocean heat and momentum uptake are sensitive to the vertical resolution at the surface.
10:50 Fabio DiasOn the superposition of mean advective and eddy-induced transports in global ocean heat and salt budgets
10:50 Ian HarmanCABLE in ACCESS: Status and plans for JaC.
10:50 Pandora Hope, Abhik Santra and Guomin WangUsing ACCESS-S for 'pre-event’ attribution.
Charmaine FranklinEvaluation of the latest high resolution model configuration: Regional Atmosphere 2.
10:50 Matt ChamberlainDecadal Climate Project model development.
10:50 Vassili KitsiosData driven stochastic parameterisation of the subgrid interactions between eddies, climate and topography in a baroclinic quasi-geostrophic atmospheric model.
12:50Rachel LawACCESS Community: Collaboration and Governance.
4:00 Lunch
10:50 Huqiang ZhangTropic-extratropical teleconnection in UM/ACCESS: model evaluation and implication for regional projections.
10:50 Christine ChungThe role of the South Pacific in modulating Tropical Pacific variability.
10:50 Hongyan ZhuKurnell storm simulation with ACCESS high resolution model.
10:50 Chun-Hsu SuBARRA: A new high resolution weather data for Australia.
10:50 Harvey YeCoupling ACCESS to an empirical fire model.
10:50 Andrew LentonACCESS-ESM: Vision and needs for Australia.
4:00 Afternoon Tea
10:50 Tilo Ziehn, Rachel LawACCESS-ESM: Australia's Earth System Model and CMIP6.
10:50 Matt ChamberlainACCESS-ESM1.5: Pre-industrial control run.\
10:50 Roger BodmanACCESS-ESM1.5: Historical simulations.
10:50 Tilo ZiehnACCESS-ESM1.5: C4MIP and CDRMIP.
10:50 Laurie MenvielCurrent (LIG) and planned simulations with ACCESS.
10:50 Ashok LuharImproving tropospheric ozone in ACCESS-UKCA.
4:00 Future meetings and other discussion
4:00 Drinks - Aspendale

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