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    4848||10:30 ||Harun Rashid||ACCESS-CM2 climate variability and ENSO.||
    4949||10:40 ||Roger Bodman ||ACCESS-CM2 AMIP simulations.||
    50 ||10:50     ||Tilo Ziehn/Rachel Law||ACCESS-ESM: Australia's Earth System Model and CMIP6.||
    51 ||10:50 || ||   Morning tea
    52 || || || ''Presentations from Canberra, Sydney, Hobart''
    53 ||11:20 ||Ben Evans     ||[attachment:NCI_Evans_v2.pptx​ Climate and Weather HPC and data at NCI]
    54 ||11:30 ||Peter Dobrohotoff     || [attachment:dobrohotoff_CM2-suite-development.pptx Making the ACCESS climate model suite more robust and user-friendly, with post-processing options]
    55 ||11:40 ||Claire Carouge        ||[[|ESMValTool - A diagnostic and performance metrics tool for CMIP6]] ([[attachment:carouge_ESMValTool.pdf|pdf]])
    56 ||11:50 ||Vanessa Haverd        ||[attachment:ACCESS_Science_Day_Haverd.pdf Multiple constraints from leaf to globe on land surface impacts on radiative forcing ]
    57 ||12:00 ||Andy Hogg     ||[attachment:ACCESS-OM2.pdf Repeat Year Forcing Strategies for ACCESS-OM2]
    58 ||12:15 ||Matt England  ||[attachment:England_ACCESS_Science_Meeting_2017.pptx ACCESS model simulations of Antarctic sea-ice expansion and surface ocean cooling over the past four decades]
    59 ||12:25 ||Mark Decker   ||[attachment:Decker.pdf A cautionary tale about ameliorating parameterizations offline: Improved water fluxes degrades near surface temperature.]
    60 ||12:40 ||Stephanie Downes      ||[attachment:Presentation_SDownes.pdf Water mass transformation diagnostics in MOM5]
    61 ||12:50||       ||      Discussion
    62 ||1:00  ||      ||Lunch
    63 || || || ''Presentations from Aspendale''
    64 ||2:00  ||Fabio Boeira Dias     ||[attachment:ACCESS-day_FabioDias.pdf An Ocean Heat Budget analysis in OGCMs ]
    65 ||2:10  ||Dave Bi|| [attachment:Bi-ACCESS-ScienceDay-05092017.pptx Effort of reconfiguring MOM5 to reduce the Southern Ocean warm bias in ACCESS-CM2]
    66 ||2:20  ||Roger Bodman  ||[attachment:ACCESS-CM2_Performance_RWB_5Sept2017.pptx ACCESS-CM2 Performance]
    67 ||2:30  ||Scott Wales   ||[[|arccssive - A database of CMIP5 outputs replicated at NCI]] ([[attachment:wales_arccssive.pptx|pptx]])
    68 ||2:40  ||David Karoly  ||[[attachment:C20C+ ACCESS.pptx|An update on C20C simulations with ACCESS AM1.3]]
    69 ||2:50  ||Ashok Luhar   ||Improved estimates of dry deposition of ozone using ozone reanalysis and ACCESS
    70 ||3:00||                ||Discussion  / short break
    71 ||3:10  ||Eun-Pa Lim    ||[attachment:ACCESSScienceDay_Lim.pptx Seasonal forecast of the stratosphere-troposphere coupling, using ACCESS-S1]
    72 ||3:20  ||Belinda Roux  ||[attachment:ACCESS_ScienceDay_20170905_broux.pptx Fog and visibility in ACCESS]
    73 ||3:30  ||Harun Rashid  ||[attachment:Rashid_ENSO-ACCESS-CM2_5Sep17.pptx Tropical climate variability in a provisional version of the ACCESS-CM2]
    74 ||3:40  ||Huqiang Zhang || [attachment:ACCESS_science_HuqiangZhang.pptx Monsoons in GA7: implication for tropical-extratropical interactions]
    75 ||3:50  ||Scott Wales   ||[[|GA7.1 at N216 - High Resolution AMIP and Transpose AMIP]] ([[attachment:wales_n216.pptx|pptx]])
     50||10:50     ||Tilo Ziehn, Rachel Law||ACCESS-ESM: Australia's Earth System Model and CMIP6.||
     51||10:50     ||Roger Bodman (UMel) ACCESS-ESM1.5: Historical simulations.
     52||10:50     ||Tilo Ziehn (CSIRO) ACCESS-ESM1.5: C4MIP and CDRMIP.
     53||10:50     ||Andrew Lenton (CSIRO) ACCESS-ESM: Vision and needs for Australia.
     54||10:50     ||Matt Chamberlain (CSIRO) ACCESS-ESM1.5: Pre-industrial control run.
     55||10:50     ||Matt Chamberlain (CSIRO) Decadal Climate Project model development.
     56||10:50     ||Laurie Menviel (UNSW) Current (LIG) and planned simulations with ACCESS.
     57||10:50     ||Vassili Kitsios (CSIRO) Data driven stochastic parameterisation of the subgrid interactions between eddies, climate and topography in a baroclinic quasi-geostrophic atmospheric model.
     58||10:50     ||Ian Harman (CSIRO) CABLE in ACCESS: Status and plans for JaC.
     59||10:50     ||Andrew Kiss (ANU) ACCESS-OM2: A Global Ocean-Sea Ice Model at Three Resolutions.
     60||10:50     ||Kial Stewart (ANU) Southern Ocean heat and momentum uptake are sensitive to the vertical resolution at the surface.
     61||10:50     ||Fabio Dias (UTAS/CSIRO) On the superposition of mean advective and eddy-induced transports in global ocean heat and salt budgets
     62||10:50     ||Huqiang Zhang (BoM) Tropic-extratropical teleconnection in UM/ACCESS: model evaluation and implication for regional projections.
     63||10:50     ||Pandora Hope, Abhik Santra and Guomin Wang (BoM) Using ACCESS-S for 'pre-event’ attribution.
     64||10:50     ||Charmaine Franklin (BoM) Evaluation of the latest high resolution model configuration: Regional Atmosphere 2.
     65||10:50     ||Hongyan Zhu (BoM) Kurnell storm simulation with ACCESS high resolution model.
     66||10:50     ||Ashok Luhar (CSIRO) Improving tropospheric ozone in ACCESS-UKCA.
     67||10:50     ||Christine Chung (BoM) The role of the South Pacific in modulating Tropical Pacific variability.
     68||10:50     ||Chun-Hsu Su (BoM) BARRA: A new high resolution weather data for Australia.
     69||10:50     ||Harvey Ye (BoM) Coupling ACCESS to an empirical fire model.
    7670||4:00  ||      ||Future meetings and other discussion