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    11= ACCESS Science Day 2 =
    3 A gathering for the ACCESS community to share current work. Date to be confirmed but within May 21-24. By video conference across one site in each capital city, hosted from CSIRO Aspendale.
     3An ACCESS science day is being planned for 24th May, 2019 (9.30am-4.00pm), open to anyone who works with or is interested in the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS). The aim is to share current work with ACCESS and both science and technical presentations are welcome. To allow for maximum participation, presentations will be short (10 minutes, maximum 5 slides).
     5The meeting will be held by video conference across four sites:
     6 * Melbourne: CSIRO Aspendale;
     7 * Hobart: CSIRO or IMAS Hobart (TBC)
     8 * Canberra: ANU
     9 * Sydney: UNSW
     11We strongly encourage you to attend in person at your nearest location (lunch provided). If this is not possible, video conference details can be provided on request.
     13If you are interested in attending, please mark the date in your diary and email Reception.Aspendale at by Tuesday May 14th with your name, institution and which venue you will be attending (so that we can organise catering).
     15If you would like to present, please email simon.marsland at by Tuesday May 14th with your name, institution and the title of your presentation.
     18A second notice will be distributed once the program has been prepared and to provide any venue specific information.