Release Review

GA6 N96 UM10.2
Pass / Fail

Please use a X to indicate approval

After you have done the review, please assign the ticket back to the release owner


  • The proposal ticket is linked to from the documentation
  • Release owner contact details are present
  • The configuration is in the roses-u repository
    • The configuration version number is listed (e.g. u-aa123@456)
  • The description accurately describes the configuration and its history
  • The run instructions are accurate
    • The run can be performed by the accesstester user


  • All model code is in source control
    • Repositories are referred to by static version numbers or tags instead of HEAD (check UM branches)
  • Any special build instructions are noted

Input Files

  • Location of input files on Raijin are listed
  • Input files are available to all users in the access project
  • File sources are listed

Output Files

  • Location of output files on Raijin are listed
  • Model output size is accurate
  • Output fields are listed


  • Resource requirements listed for a range of decompositions
    • Optimal decomposition is the default
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