GA6 N96 UM10.2

Configuration Information

Rose Job
Release Type

Describe the configuration, who created it and who would find it useful

The Met Office's official GA6 release for atmosphere-only N96 resolution at UM10.2, modified to run on Raijin by ARCCSS CMS.

Based on the Met Office internal job GA:wiki:GAJobs/mi-ag338, modifications include:

  • Cylc suite modified for Raijin's PBS queue
  • Build settings changed to nci-x86-ifort
  • Met Office internal paths changed to point to TIDS mirror
  • Postprocessing task disabled (uses Met Office specific archive system)

More information about GA6 may be found on the Met Office trac: GA:wiki:GADocumentation/GA6.0

Run Instructions

Describe how to run the model at NCI

On Accessdev:

rosie checkout u-aa809
cd ~/roses/u-aa908
rose suite-run

Model will run for 20.5 model years, resubmitting every 1 model month


Model versions and resolutions

Describe the component model versions used and their configurations


UM 10.2 with Met Office branches

N96 Global Resolution, 85 Levels


JULES 10.2 / GL 6.0

N96 Global Resolution, 4 Levels

Sea Ice

Input Data

Where are the input files used by the model, and are they accessible to all ACCESS users?

Ancillary and initial condition data are sourced from TIDS, no local files are used

Output Data

Where does the model put its output, and how much does it generate?

Data is in raijin:~/cylc-run/u-aa809/share/data/History_Data

  • Dumps: 2.4 GB every 10 model days
  • Processed: 4 GB per model month
    • PA 1 GB
    • PB 80 MB
    • PC 500 MB
    • PD 500 MB
    • PE 700 MB
    • PF 50 MB
    • PG 150 MB
    • PH 10 MB
    • PI 1 MB
    • PJ 40 MB
    • PK 60 MB
    • PM 800 MB
  • Seasonal: 2 GB per model month

Instructions for Testing

How should this model be modified for testing? Tests should require minimal resources but still show the model's full behaviour - e.g. how do you reduce the run length to 2 cycles

Set the value of RUN_LENGTH in file rose_suite.conf to P2M to run for two Cylc cycles (in the GUI go to 'suite conf' => 'Initialisation and Cycling' : 'Total Run Length')


How does the model perform on the NCI systems? Units should be modified as appropriate, e.g. per model hour for NWP runs

NCPUs E-W N-S Walltime per Model Month SU per Model Month Memory Notes
128 16 8 1:00:00 128 10 GB Default configuration
128 8 16 1:00:00 128 10 GB atmos_pe test job

How to Cite

How should users of the configuration cite this work?

D.N. Walters et al., "The Met Office Unified Model Global Atmosphere 6.0/6.1 and JULES Global Land 6.0/6.1 configurations", in preparation.

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