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ACCESS supports a number of climate-science related programs and libraries on Raijin that we make available to the community.

To make use of these modules you'll first need to run

module use ~access/modules

If you make regular use of the modules you can also add this to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc file.

For help with using these libraries at NCI, or to request a library be added, email access_help@…

Python Libraries

The base Python module at NCI comes with Numpy and Scipy. We also have the following libraries available, which can be loaded using

module use ~access/modules
module load pythonlib/<packagename>

(replace <packagename> with the name of the package you wish to load from the list below)


  • basemap -- Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
  • cartopy -- A library providing cartographic tools for python
  • cdat-lite -- Core components of the Climate Data Analysis tools
  • iris -- A Python library for Meteorology and Climatology
  • PIL -- Python Imaging Library
  • Shapely -- Geometric objects, predicates, and operations
  • pyshp -- Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format

Scientific coding

Generic BUFR file reader written in python. File support is similar to the ECMWF BUFR library.

  • cmor -- Climate Model Output Rewriter
  • drslib -- A library for processing the CMIP5 Data Reference Syntax
  • f90nml -- Fortran 90 namelist parser
  • nmlcompare -- Fortran 90 namelist comparison tool
  • python-bufr -- Generic Python BUFR file reader based on the ECMWF BUFR library
  • payu -- A climate model workflow manager for supercomputing environments.
  • h5py -- Read and write HDF5 files from Python
  • pygrib -- Read and write GRIB files (edition 1 and 2)

Other coding

Other Packages

module use ~access/modules
module load <packagename>

(replace <packagename> with the name of the package you wish to load from the list below)

  • bufrdc
  • cap
  • cawcr-utils
  • cylc
  • drhook
  • dummygrib
  • emos340
  • fcm
  • gapi199
  • gcom
  • geos
  • grib-api
  • jasper
  • libmo_unpack
  • libpng
  • magics++
  • magics2
  • mars
  • mdssdiff -- compare directory on MDSS and local filesystem
  • metview
  • mysql
  • mysql5.1
  • ncas-utils
  • nccompress -- netCDF compression tools
  • nmoc-utils
  • oasis3
  • oasis3-mct
  • odb
  • openjpeg
  • PFunit Parallel Unit Testing for Fortran
  • pspline
  • py_utils
  • pythonlib
  • rose
  • sidl
  • sms
  • verify
  • xxdiff
  • zlib