Puppet Basics

Puppet is the system used to configure the Accessdev VM. It is a configuration management tool - basically you specify the state you'd like the system to be in, then Puppet does its best to put the system in that state.

Accessing Puppet

The Accessdev puppet code lives at

To access this website you need to contact NCI to get your account approved

It works like github, you can check out the puppet code with

git clone

Before making any changes, make a branch, preferably with a somewhat descriptive name

git checkout -b add_root_account

Making Changes

There are two places you may want to make changes

  1. The 'Heira' configuration, under 'hieradata/'. These are Yaml configuration files where you can configure basic settings, like software versions.

The main file to look at here is 'hieradata/node/accessdev.yaml'

  1. The 'Puppet' configuration under 'modules'. These are programmed in the Puppet language, and control the specifics of what files are created or modified. These are used for more complex setup of program installs. See the Puppet documentation at

The main file to look at here is 'modules/accessdevnode/manifests/init.pp'

NCI have supplied a number of modules under 'corefw/', these can be used by our puppet code but should not be modified.

In general, try grepping for the file or setting you want to change to see if that has already been set up in the system before making a change.

Testing and Applying Changes

Before applying changes to Accessdev they should be tested on the test system ''.

Commit your changes, then upload your branch using

git push -u origin add_root_account

Log in to accessdev-test, then apply the changes with

sudo puppet-update --environment add_root_account

Test the system to make sure your changes work as you expect

Once you are confident the change is working, merge your branch into 'production', either on or via the command line.

Put accessdev-test back on the production branch with

sudo puppet-update --environment production

Then log into accessdev proper and update it with

sudo puppet-update

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