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Getting Connected to Accessdev

NCI Account

The ACCESS research model is exclusively run at NCI, the National Computational Infrastructure. NCI provide supercomputing access to Australian researchers through a merit-based allocation scheme. You will need a NCI account to use the ACCESS model, to register visit their account management page.

Through the account management system you can also request to join project groups, which is how compute and storage grants are managed. This is where you can connect to your group's compute project. For details on how to create a new project please see NCI's information pages.

For information on how to use NCI's facilities, including how to log in, the different storage systems and how to submit jobs to the supercomputer queue see NCI's supercomputer user's guide.

NCI provide support to users via an email helpdesk to assist with general issues at The ACCESS community also has a specialist helpdesk at for issues specific to the ACCESS model.

ACCESS Group Membership

As the ACCESS model contains licensed software we require users to register before using the model. To register request to join the ACCESS group on NCI's account system. We may contact you to verify your use of the model is covered by the licence.

Joining the ACCESS group provides access to the Accessdev server, used to configure and run models, and to the model input and ancillary data which is stored on Raijin. The ACCESS group also has a variety of climate-science related software available, beyond Raijin's default modules.

Met Office Account

To access the source code for the atmospheric component of ACCESS, the UK Met Office's Unified Model, as well as the database of model configurations, please ask for an account on This site is a shared development platform for all groups using the Unified Model, and provides access to ticketing systems where you can track science and model code changes.

You are welcome to create new code branches in the shared environment once you have an account, however please read and follow the working practices of the model when you do so.

CABLE Account

To access the source code for CABLE, the land surface model used in ACCESS, you will need to register with the CABLE group at NCI. For routine use you won't need to do this, there are pre-compiled versions of the model available in the ACCESS area on Raijin. You can find more information about CABLE at


You can find information about the MOM ocean model, the ocean component of ACCESS, at There is no need to register to access the model's source code.

Required Software


SSH Agent


GPG Agent

VNC Access

Running a test suite

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