Program - Friday 11th June

Time Name Title
Session 4: Numerical Weather Prediction
10:35Stuart Moore Keynote: NIWA updates
10:50Monika Krysta Australia's National Analysis System (NAS)
11:00Jin Lee A testbed for convective-scale NWP and its application in moisture analysis
11:10Chun-Hsu Su Towards enhanced ACCESS-based regional atmospheric reanalysis for Australia
11:20Stefan Zieger Verification of ACCESS surface winds for wave modelling
11:30Chris Bridge A first look at solar irradiance forecasts from the Bureau's ACCESS NWP model suite
11:40Nandun Thellamurege Using METPlus for verification of ACCESS-C3 forecasts
11:50Belinda Roux Preliminary evaluation of the new UM high-resolution configuration RAL3
Session 5: Chemistry, Regional, and Next Generation Modelling
13:05Michael Grose Keynote: CMIP6 climate sensitivities and implications for projections
13:20Ashok Luhar Improved parameterisations of lightning-produced NOx and their impact on tropospheric composition in ACCESS-UKCA
13:30Sonya Fiddes Aerosol & cloud modelling over the Southern Ocean in ACCESS-AM2
13:40Terry O'Kane On the Semiannual Formation of Large Scale Three-Dimensional Vortices at the Stratopause
13:50Harvey Ye BARPA for climate projections in Australia
14:00Christian Stassen Development and assessment of regional atmospheric nudging in ACCESS
14:10Dave Lee Structure preserving methods in non-hydrostatic atmospheric modelling using mixed finite elements
14:20Joerg Henrichs Using PSyclone in Next Gen Model Development
14:30Afternoon break
Session 6: Land Modelling
14:55Richard Coleman Keynote: ACCESS-NRI Overview
15:10Huqiang Zhang River routing in ACCESS-G: preliminary results and future opportunities
15:20Chiara Holgate Land-atmosphere coupling in BARPA
15:30Ian Harman CABLE in ACCESS-CM2: a closer look
15:40Mengyuan Mu Exploring how groundwater buffers the influence of heatwaves on vegetation function during multi-year droughts
15:50Jatin Kala Crop albedo enhancement reduces the intensity of heatwaves under future climate
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